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Artist’s unconventional work on display at area businesses

Mix-media artist Chris Geiger sharing a moment with his daughter, Chelsea, at his Knightsbridge home.


Two Castle Pines restaurants are now home to an artist’s unconventional and innovative collection. Chris Geiger showcases unique portraits made from broken vinyl records, capturing the admiration of diners and art enthusiasts alike at Pino’s Italian Kitchen & Bar and Pines Bar and Grill.

Chris found his love for art at an early age. He has no formal training; he is entirely self-taught, letting his imagination guide his creations.

“I started painting landscapes on pennies using oil paint,” he recalled. “Eventually, I began painting full sceneries on the heads of nails. Art has always been a large part of my life.”

Born in Baltimore in 1965, and moving to Colorado in 1969 with his parents, Chris has called the Knightsbridge neighborhood home since 2006.

Attending high school in Westminster, Chris went to college on a different path than the arts.  He attended Cambridge College in Aurora to pursue a surgical degree. Chris graduated in 1995 and worked as a surgical first assistant in neurosurgery and plastic surgery.

Today, speaking of his art creations, Chris said he spends time researching the subject matter and is inspired by listening to others’ stories

“If I’m doing someone in music, I prefer to use broken vinyl. For athletes, I like using trading cards. I’ve also used coat hangers, bottle caps, and broken glass – just to name a few.”

His journey to showcasing his art began in local restaurants. “I’m a terrible salesman when it comes to selling my artwork,” he admitted. “But when I approached Avnish Kapoor, the manager of Pines Bar and Grill, he agreed to display my work. Then, I was at Pino’s having dinner and I started a conversation with the owner, Dimas Asevedo. He is very supportive of local artists and allowed me to display my work there as well. I am so thankful for the support.”

A fan of the “Rat Pack” since the age of 12, Chris finds joy in crafting portraits of the iconic group. Even though he admires other artists, he ensures no single artist influences his style. “I want to be me and not be influenced by others,” he emphasized. “I like the ideas and creativity to come out of my own head.”

While Chris’s work is not in any other venues or events, having it displayed in local businesses has been a significant milestone.

In addition to his art, Chris has a range of hobbies, including music, motorcycle riding and paddleboarding. He is also an inventor with multiple patents, primarily in medical devices.

Chris has a daughter, Chelsea, and two grandchildren, Rowan (9) and Tommy (2), who live in Brighton.

For those interested in purchasing Chris’s work, you can purchase the art directly off the wall at both establishments by asking the staff.

To commission a piece, Chris provides a straightforward approach. “I put a price on the piece itself,” he explained, with prices varying based on the portrait and size.

To contact Chris, email or call 720-434-4955 or follow him on Instagram



By Dani Salas; photos courtesy of Chris Geiger




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