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A tale of rescue and reunion

By CPC | January 1, 2021

By Carin R. Kirkegaard; photos courtesy of Diane Demis Diane and Peter Demis spent their Thanksgiving weekend rescuing a mother cat and her five kittens from under an electrical shed along Interstate 225. Diane, a resident of The Village at Castle Pines, is a mother of two and a self-proclaimed animal lover. She and her…

An update on the east side

By CPC | January 1, 2021

By Chris Michlewicz; graphics courtesy of North Canyons Partners It’s been roughly one year since the first resident took occupancy in his home in The Canyons neighborhood on the east side of the City of Castle Pines. This first phase of development provides a glimpse into what’s to come in the next few years. One…

Meet Douglas County Commissioner George Teal

By CPC | January 1, 2021
Photo of Douglas County Commissioner for District II, George Teal

By Elizabeth Wood West; courtesy photo Douglas County voters elected a new commissioner in November to fill former District II two-term Commissioner Roger Partridge’s seat. They chose someone who has strong community and public service roots – George Teal. Teal’s public service began with the U.S. Army, where he served for 10 years and was…

Douglas County OPEN for business

By CPC | January 1, 2021

Information provided by Douglas County On December 23, 2020, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment granted Douglas County a variance that would allow some local businesses to have indoor patrons up to 25% of their normal capacity – including restaurants (see related story page 33). The variance is contingent on the County’s ability…

DCSO spreading cheer at Ziggi’s

By CPC | January 1, 2021
Photo of Sheriff Spurlock hit the drive-thru line donning his Santa hat at Ziggi's

Article and photos by Kathy Fallert Patrons of Ziggi’s Coffee in Castle Pines were in for a treat the morning of Friday, December 17, as the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO) showed some warm gratitude by handing out Ziggi’s gift cards. Sheriff Tony Spurlock along with five deputies caught up with residents in the drive-thru…

Colorado State Patrol now accepting digital IDs

By CPC | January 1, 2021
Image of Colorado State Patrol Badge

By Chris Michlewicz; photo courtesy of the Colorado State Patrol A contactless way for motorists to share their identification, vehicle registration and proof of insurance with state troopers has arrived in Colorado. The Colorado State Patrol, which conducts law enforcement on interstates and some state highways, began accepting Colorado digital IDs on November 30, 2020.…

City of Castle Pines Comprehensive Plan update

By CPC | January 1, 2021

By Chris Michlewicz Potential revisions to the City of Castle Pines Comprehensive Plan could put a greater focus on improving roads and encouraging economic development. Every five years, the City of Castle Pines takes a look at its comprehensive master plan to see what language might need to be added or adjusted. In recent months,…

Jimmy and Lasinda Crane – Cranelli’s Italian Restaurant

By CPC | January 1, 2021
Photo of Jimmy and Lasinda Crane who enjoy traveling.

Italian simplicity with a rustic touch By Kathy Fallert, photos courtesy of Lasinda Crane October 1, 2020 was a special day for Jimmy and Lasinda Crane, owners of Cranelli’s Italian Restaurant in Lone Tree. It was their 20th wedding anniversary. Together for 27 years, the couple lives in Highlands Ranch, as do their three kids,…

The rise of the QR code (again)

By CPC | January 1, 2021
Photo of QR code

By Chris Michlewicz The use of QR codes has grown in popularity in recent months as a way for businesses and organizations to conduct day-to-day interactions while complying with public safety and social distancing protocols. QR codes, the square-shaped black and white barcodes, are read by the camera on your smartphone. Simply pointing the camera…

A virtual Holly Jolly Experience

By CPC | January 1, 2021
Photo of Santa Claus at virtual event

Information and photos provided by the Castle Pines Chamber of Commerce The Castle Pines Chamber of Commerce provided holly and jolly cheer at its annual holiday event for community families. As most things in 2020, this year’s event looked a little different. In lieu of an in-person pancake and bacon breakfast, the chamber hosted the…

Who receives The Connection in the mail?

By CPC | January 1, 2021
2021 Connection distribution map

For the purposes of this publication, the 80108 ZIP code (pictured in yellow to the right) is considered “Castle Pines” and is part of our saturation mailing for all single family homes and businesses. Because the U.S. Postal Service periodically reconfigures the courier routes for area ZIP codes, our distribution sometimes changes unexpectedly. If you…

Celebrate life’s milestones with The Castle Pines Connection

By CPC | January 1, 2021

By Carin R. Kirkegaard The traditional family scrapbook filled with snapshots of the first day of school, the birthday boy blowing out his candles on the cake, the 16-year-old posing with their license to drive, or kids burying their dad in the sand at last summer’s beach vacation is one way to preserve your family’s…

Dental practice sets up shop in Castle Pines

By CPC | January 1, 2021
Photo of Dr. Rabinovich at her dental practice in the City of Castle Pines

By Shaun Kernahan; courtesy photos It has been just over a year since the Castle Pines community welcomed its newest dental practice, Dental Muse and Dr. Yuliya Rabinovich. Daughter to a mother who ran a dental practice in her native country of Latvia, it is no surprise Rabinovich found herself entering into the dental world.…

Castle Pines business owners bring hope to local charities

By CPC | January 1, 2021

By Carin R. Kirkegaard; courtesy photos Castle Pines business owners Theo and Ashleigh Civitello, Nicole Gregory and Sarah Phillips recognized an increased need that so many local families faced this past holiday season. Knowing what a hard year 2020 had been for so many, the Civitellos, Gregory and Phillips took on the role of Santa’s…

Not-so Silent Night at Legacy Village

By CPC | January 1, 2021

Information and photos provided by the Castle Pines Chamber of Commerce Volunteers from the Castle Pines community met at Legacy Village the weekend before Christmas for a night of family caroling, filling the crisp night air with beautiful harmony. Legacy Village provided holiday sheet music and hot cocoa for the performers who met in various…

Caroling for Campus Life

By CPC | January 1, 2021
Photo of Students and family members joined the inaugural Douglas County Campus Life Christmas Caroling in the Pines

Caption and photos by Julie Matuszewski

Douglas County Fireworks Celebration

By CPC | January 1, 2021

Information provided by Douglas County; photos courtesy of Mira Brand Was there anyone who wasn’t ready to say goodbye to 2020 and bring in the New Year? On December 19, Douglas County residents were treated to two 30-minute, high-in-the-sky fireworks shows from locations at Rueter-Hess Reservoir in Parker and near Rocky Heights Middle School in…

The life list

By CPC | January 1, 2021
Photo of Jeremy Gamble proposed to his childhood neighbor Nikki Tobey

By Lisa Nicklanovich; courtesy photo Go on an African safari, skydive, stroll the Cinque Terre, or write a novel…most people have life goals or wishes for the future. Collecting a list of goals, dreams and aspirations one would like to experience in their lifetime is a life list. Some may call it their bucket list.…

Book bingo

By CPC | January 1, 2021

By Lisa Nicklanovich; courtesy photos Residents Brynn Vaughn and Jill Fenton, both avid readers, discovered a way to read a wider variety of books, stay connected and have a little fun, healthy competition with book bingo. They came upon a bingo card on Pinterest three years ago that had categories of books in the squares,…

January CP word search mania

By CPC | January 1, 2021

Nonprofit group advocates for kids during toughest times

By CPC | January 1, 2021

Article and photo by Chris Michlewicz When the worst of the worst happens to a child, there’s a team dedicated to getting them justice and access to every available recovery resource. The work by SungateKids is without a doubt some of the most difficult there is, but there’s also no question about the important role…

Saturn and Jupiter Conjunction

By CPC | January 1, 2021

By Chris Michlewicz; photo courtesy of Mira Brand A celestial phenomenon known as the “Great Conjunction,” in which Jupiter and Saturn appear close to one another in the southwestern night sky, was seen over Castle Pines last month. Also known as the “Christmas Star,” December 2020 was the first time in almost 800 years that…

Pet pedigree

By CPC | January 1, 2021

The Castle Pines community unquestionably loves its pets. This is evident by the number of dogs that join their people walking the neighborhood streets, taking in the beautiful Colorado weather and landscape. After eight years of seeking the cutest pet in the pines, The Connection has seen the love our community has for its cats,…

Cutest Pet in the Pines

By CPC | January 1, 2021

Congratulations Rocky, the 6-month-old English black Labrador who lives with his family, Mike, Maria Isabel, Sofia (9) and Emilia (5) at their home in the Hidden Pointe subdivision of the City of Castle Pines for winning the Cutest Pet in the Pines honors for 2020. Rocky’s favorite treat is a good pig’s ear. He loves…

Taking a break from the new normal

By CPC | January 1, 2021

By Stacie Chadwick I have a confession to make. It doesn’t involve holding a feature spot as perp of the day on, stealing the crust off my husband’s homemade pies or anything that would land me a lead role on Snapped. It’s actually pretty benign. I’m on vacation. As I write, I’m watching the…

2021 wellness reset

By CPC | January 1, 2021

By Lisa Nicklanovich; courtesy photo January is the month many of us work to undo the cookies and eggnog, the sitting inside while it snowed, the stress of the holidays, and well, the stress of the entire previous year. Fera Butts, a Functional Medicine Practitioner at the BESANA Health and Wellness clinic in Sky Ridge…

Blood donations needed now more than ever

By CPC | January 1, 2021

By Lisa Nicklanovich; photo by Krysta Parr Winter is one of the most difficult times of year to collect enough blood products to meet patient needs, according to the American Red Cross. Cold weather, holiday schedules, and illness result in fewer donations during winter months – which is why January is National Blood Donor Awareness…

Silas Soule: The good die young

By CPC | January 1, 2021
Graphic Wildcat Lore logo

By Joe Gschwendtner; courtesy photos In 1859, Sarah Coberly operated a halfway house rest stop in Huntsville, on the stage road to Colorado Springs. Husband James died early of an Indian arrow in Franktown. She had three daughters, Hersa, Mattie and a third, the adopted Lizzie Fields. Hersa first met the gallant Silas Soule as…

National Charity League –

By CPC | January 1, 2021

Community mother-daughter teams work to make a better community By Carin R. Kirkegaard; photos courtesy of the Elevation Chapter of National Charity League Douglas County’s Elevation Chapter of National Charity League, Inc. (NCL), was founded in 2018 and serves more than 112 local philanthropies. NCL’s program is based around leadership development, community service and cultural…

Uruguay: A most pleasant surprise

By CPC | January 1, 2021

Article and photos by Joe Gschwendtner Sandwiched softly between Brazil and Argentina is Uruguay, a compact, laid-back progressive republic. Independent since 1828, she is stable and urbane. Likened for decades as a Switzerland without the mountains, Uruguay still remains under the radar of all but the most seasoned traveler. Big mistake. To visit makes for…

The Blue Zones

By CPC | January 1, 2021
Map of Blue Zones

Article and photo by Lisa Nicklanovich Who doesn’t want to know the secrets to living a long, healthy life? The Blue Zones, areas of the world that boast the most people who live to be 100 or more, provide some insight into some of those secrets. Author Dan Buettner wrote an article for National Geographic…

Discuss the state of modern manners

By CPC | January 1, 2021

Dear Reader, I look to the New Year with much enthusiasm. A new year, a fresh start, and a perfect time to discuss the state of modern manners. According to my absolute favorite Miss Manners the incomparable Judith Martin, we will “not let you off from sending letters of thanks, answering invitations, and refraining from…

Winter water plants and trees

By CPC | January 1, 2021
Photo of Tree Drip Line area

By Patte Smith with information provided by Colorado State University Extension Colorado is experiencing a very dry year with little moisture. Winter months can be hard on trees, shrubs and perennial plants. The dry weather conditions the community is experiencing can damage root systems of plants and trees. To help prevent damage, plan to water…

Empowering the heroes of Christmas

By CPC | January 1, 2021

Article and photos by Julie Matuszewski; photos courtesy of Josh Pruitt, Ivywild Visuals This holiday season, Journey Church in Castle Pines empowered parents and guardians to be the true heroes of Christmas. Douglas County and local community families in a difficult situation this season were invited to shop the Christmas Store for their children’s gifts.…

Food Fight

By CPC | January 1, 2021
Photo of canned goods howing expiration dates

By Joe Gschwendtner; courtesy photo Domestic tranquility is alive and well in my home, at least until my wife, Barb, and I get into pantry war games. Then we become, well, low-level combatants. She wants freshness and safety; I’m the Grinch. I don’t like throwing anything away. The trigger came last month when my daughter…

Treat yourself in the New Year

By CPC | January 1, 2021
Photo of Keto Peanut Butter cookies

Article and photo by Lisa Crockett I’m on a roll. I’m in the zone. I’m eating to live, not living to eat. These are all the things I tell myself when the New Year rolls around. It’s time to get things back on track, to right the ship, to square things away. Only this year,…

Dining a la outdoors

By CPC | January 1, 2021
Photo of Cranelli's igloo dining

By Bryan Goodland; courtesy photo As winter weather and snow begins to roll in, the thought of dining outside doesn’t sound very appetizing. Area restaurants have come up with some solutions to this conundrum. Since indoor dining is limited or not available in many areas, restaurants have started to think outside the box, or in…

Colorado’s restaurant crisis and Douglas County

By CPC | January 1, 2021

By Elizabeth Wood West As Coloradans approach the one-year mark of living with COVID-19 and executive health orders, some disturbing numbers are showing how hard the restaurant industry has been hit in 2020. According to Restaurant Newswire, nearly half of new Colorado unemployment benefit claims that were filed the week that indoor dining was banned…

New Year’s countdown…

By CPC | January 1, 2021

Cookie Clocks Article and photo by Lisa Crockett Ingredients: 6 ounces white molding chocolate 12 chocolate sandwich cookies (such as Oreo) Tube of prepared white decorator icing 3 ounces black fondant Round white cake decorating sprinkles Edible glitter (optional) Directions: Melt white chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl, heating at 30 second intervals, then stirring, until…

Living wills and advance medical directives

By CPC | January 1, 2021

By Patte Smith with information provided by the Colorado Bar Association Individuals, no matter the age, may benefit from having a living will and an advance medical directive. These legal documents are written instructions stating a person’s preference for medical care if someone is unable to make a decision for him/herself. In Colorado, a Declaration…

Age is just a number: Advantages to hiring “mature” workers

By CPC | January 1, 2021

By Elizabeth Wood West Business owners and managers have a set of metrics that they use when hiring workers. How important to them is age when looking at a potential new hire? Depending on the position a business is looking to fill, it may already have a preconceived age range in mind. For example, if…

Water your brain and your body

By CPC | January 1, 2021

Information provided by Harvard Medical School and the Mayo Clinic “I believe that water is the only drink for a wise man.” – Henry David Thoreau An adult human brain contains about 60% water, and to keep the brain healthy, individuals need to keep it hydrated. The adage of drinking eight glasses of water a…

For the love of golf, among other things

By CPC | January 1, 2021
Photo of Leslie Ludolph and her husband, Doug.

By Chris Michlewicz; photo courtesy of Leslie Ludolph Leslie Ludolph looked forward to golfing on the lush, hallowed grounds of Pinehurst golf course in North Carolina last year. Like many others, her trip to the regular PGA Tour stop was canceled due to the coronavirus, but the plans are only temporarily on pause. Ludolph and…

Entrepreneur builds business on strength

By CPC | January 1, 2021
Photo of the Carson family

By Julie Matuszewski; photos courtesy of Angela Carlson “Follow your passion” is a phrase commonly used when looking to pursue something new in life. Growing up with entrepreneurial parents, resident of The Village at Castle Pines, Angela Carlson has always stayed curious and explored things that sparked her passion. Previously a neonatal nurse practitioner, Angela…

Where hearts and minds connect

By CPC | January 1, 2021
Photo of Jane Lenz from Timber Trail Elementary School

By Julie Matuszewski; photo courtesy of Jane Lenz This month, Jane Lenz celebrates 30 years with the Douglas County School District (DCSD). A Timber Trail Elementary (TTE) teacher of 15 years, Lenz opened TTE’s Significant Support Needs (SSN) program in 2007. “Where hearts and minds connect,” is more than just a phrase on the walls…

Prolific mask makers in Castle Pines

By CPC | January 1, 2021
Photo of Brooke working on masks.

By Steve Whitlock; photos courtesy of Holley Ferrel Two girls in the Castle Pines area have made a big difference sewing masks and donating them to those in need. Annabelle Martin and Brooke Ferrel have sewn more than 500 masks together. Annabelle says, “We were given an opportunity to make them for Operation We Can…

Start the New Year off right, left, right, left…

By CPC | January 1, 2021

By Patte Smith; photo courtesy of the Grant family This January 1, head outside to get some exercise and enjoy the beauty of nature. First Day Hikes are held throughout the country and at participating Colorado state parks. Visitors can take self-guided tours on the trails in the parks. Some of the parks offer fun…

Inner strength found through loss

By CPC | January 1, 2021
Photo of Ashley Jones

By Shaun Kernahan; photos courtesy of the Jones family The biggest hurdle in the life of a 14-year-old should be transitioning to high school, but for Ashley Jones, it was the biggest and most impactful year she had ever encountered. It started one evening when she was at a neighbor’s house babysitting. It wasn’t until…

Explore ways to stay fit at home

By CPC | January 1, 2021

By Chris Michlewicz With some fitness centers currently limiting capacity due to restrictions, millions of people are looking for ways to exercise at home. Fortunately, there have never been more do-it-yourself options to stay or get fit. The new year brings with it resolutions to exercise more, and whether there is follow-through depends on many…

An original holiday performance

By CPC | January 1, 2021
Photo of students musicians

By Julie Matuszewski: photos courtesy of Briea Berry The sound of the holidays was alive in the Glen Oaks neighborhood of Castle Pines. A group of talented students from Timber Trail Elementary and Rocky Heights Middle School produced and performed a 20-minute outdoor holiday performance for their families, neighbors and their instructor, Douglas County band…

12 Days of Covid

By CPC | January 1, 2021

Information and photo provided by American Academy Students Westley Green, Louise Green and Kiera Meyer all love to sing and participate in school plays. This year, the American Academy Castle Pines campus held a musical-themed holiday door decorating contest. These talented Castle Pines students wrote and performed their rendition of The 12 Days of COVID.…

BRE fourth grade students dive into history

By CPC | January 1, 2021
Photo of BRE student diorama

Article and photos by Celeste McNeil Fourth graders at Buffalo Ridge Elementary traditionally invite parents into the classroom to showcase their research skills and knowledge of Colorado history. As with everything else this year, the showcase looked a little different than in the past. This year the showcase was completely virtual. Students learned broadly about…

From quarter horse to iron horse

By CPC | December 1, 2020

By Brett Wiebold; courtesy photos In the age of Teslas and Zoom meetings, it’s difficult to picture a world moving at a snail’s pace. Bandwidth limitations are infuriating by modern standards, and who doesn’t feel a pang of annoyance when it takes more than a few seconds to download an email? Not so long ago,…

Passenger rail service

By CPC | December 1, 2020

Could it pass through Douglas County? Article and photo by Chris Michlewicz A proposal to bring passenger rail service through Douglas County as part of a larger Front Range transit effort could be gaining steam. The State of Colorado’s Southwest Chief & Front Range Passenger Rail Commission is looking at three possible routes to connect…

Capacity restrictions for Colorado’s COVID-19 dial

By CPC | December 1, 2020

By Carin R. Kirkegaard; chart provided by the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment According to a public health order issued by Governor Polis, Douglas County moved to the level red category (severe risk) on the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment’s (CDPHE) COVID-19 dial effective November 20. The six colors indicated on…

Send packages early this holiday season

By CPC | December 1, 2020

By Carin R. Kirkegaard This holiday season will likely see more online shopping, which means anyone looking to send holiday gifts and greetings should get their packages and cards sent early. For residents looking for close shipping options, the Castle Pines community offers two choices – United States Postal Service (USPS) and United Parcel Service,…

Nonprofit helps keep assistance local

By CPC | December 1, 2020

By Chris Michlewicz The roots of a novel idea to enable businesses to directly help their own community are growing out of Castle Pines. The concept behind the Community Impact Fund, a nonprofit founded by Castle Pines resident and technology development entrepreneur Judah Musick, is simple but profoundly effective. Businesses of all sizes want to…

Financial relief for local small businesses

By CPC | December 1, 2020

Information provided by the City of Castle Pines and Douglas County Both the City of Castle Pines and Douglas County recently announced the establishment of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) grants to provide financial assistance to local small businesses. City of Castle Pines – The City’s grant will reimburse small…

Debbi Haynie – Castle Rock Senior Activity Center

By CPC | December 1, 2020
Photo of Debbi Haynie’s favorite activities – hosting a senior mystery trip

Crafter discovers her career in a most serendipitous way Debbi Haynie, 19-year resident of the Stonecroft neighborhood in Castle Pines, has lived in many places throughout the United States – including Arizona, Nebraska, Texas and California. “Growing up, my dad worked for Hormel, so we moved about every four years,” Haynie reflected. Debbi and her…

Ice Castles, a frozen delight

By CPC | December 1, 2020
Photo of sliding through chilly tunnels of ice

Article and photos by Lynn Zahorik; courtesy photo In a time where the word “frozen” refers more often to a record breaking movie than weather conditions, a castle of ice will be drawing a lot of attention this winter in Summit County. Making its fourth appearance in the small town of Dillon, just 90 miles…

All aboard the Game Train!

By CPC | December 1, 2020
Photo of painting of old train

Article and photos by Chris Michlewicz A restaurant that combines an immersive travel-by-train experience with hundreds of board games is entertaining stir-crazy families and groups of friends during challenging times. Game Train, located in the Promenade Shopping Center on the southeast corner of County Line Road and University Boulevard in Highlands Ranch, opened in April…

Traffic guru living his best life in the pines

By CPC | December 1, 2020
Jayson, Gina, Jolene and Jaylyn Luber

By Chris Michlewicz; photo courtesy of the Luber family As a kid in suburban Detroit, Jayson Luber would listen to the radio and dream of being an on-air personality. He thought about how incredible radio could be, how it transports listeners to a different world, and he’d walk around with a tape recorder, narrating the…

Dogs at your service

By CPC | December 1, 2020

By Kathy Fallert; courtesy photo Pets provide health benefits. According to studies, pets can increase fitness, lower stress and improve happiness. Service dogs encompass all of these abilities, and combined with training to perform specific tasks, help individuals with disabilities. An emotional support animal (ESA) provides comfort just by being with a person. An ESA…

Cutest Pet in the Pines Contest

By CPC | December 1, 2020

The Castle Pines Connection has teamed up with The Pet Stuff Place, Animal Care Center of Castle Pines, Camp Bow Wow – Castle Rock, Lone Tree Veterinary Medical Center, The Last Paws, Allstate Insurance – Tammy Lopez, and State Farm Insurance – Nick Ainsworth to bring you the eighth annual Cutest Pet in the Pines…

Explore the history of Colorado on a scenic railroad

By CPC | December 1, 2020

By Patte Smith; courtesy photo Historic trains are a special experience while viewing colorful Colorado and learning about its railroad history. There are several scenic train rides throughout Colorado, some on narrow gauge tracks. Several lines offer themed and seasonal excursions, including special Christmas and Polar Express trains, so be sure to check each website…

Places of worship to celebrate the season

By CPC | December 1, 2020

By Patte Smith As of press time, it was unknown whether in-person services will happen this year. In recent months, many congregations have transitioned to virtual church services. The following are included because of their proximity to the Castle Pines community or because they have contacted us directly and requested to be included. Check specific…

Shining a light on the angels in our community 

By CPC | December 1, 2020

By Carin R. Kirkegaard For the past five years, The Connection has featured a different nonprofit organization with ties to the Castle Pines community in our Angels Among Us segment. The goal is to introduce our readers to a variety of organizations that are doing the daily work of providing assistance for those in need,…

Douglas County Gives … where we live

By CPC | December 1, 2020

In conjunction with Colorado Gives Day – the annual statewide movement to celebrate and increase philanthropy – the Douglas County Community Foundation (DCCF) features Douglas County Gives as a way to support local nonprofit organizations and keep contributions and donations in our community (see E Guide insert page 13). Douglas County Gives is a DCCF…

Birth of the model train

By CPC | December 1, 2020
Model train

By Bryan Goodland Many people grew up with a small model train circling the Christmas tree. In the 1800s the railroad and trains were an integral part of everyone’s lives. Trains provided access to an ever-expanding nation and an opportunity to build wealth in a time when industry was burgeoning. As the railroad industry grew,…

Gift giving outside of the holiday box

By CPC | December 1, 2020

By Lisa Nicklanovich Like everything this year, gift giving might look different this holiday season. At the heart of it, giving a gift is a way to reconnect with the people we care about. This year has presented many challenges in connecting with our loved ones, so thoughtful gifts will be especially appreciated. Some ideas…

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