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Dear Mrs. A – June

Dear Mrs. A,

We’ve been invited to stay with our friends at their mountain home and we are curious about proper house guest etiquette and maybe thoughts on a hostess gift? – At a Loss in Lagae Ranch


Well, lucky you! Isn’t it wonderful to have a friend with a place in the mountains AND an invitation to come and stay?

Being invited to stay at someone’s home is an honor and should be treated as such by respecting their space and property, especially in the hallway or spaces beyond where you are sleeping … and never leave your room half-clothed. Dress for the day if you don’t have a read on the situation.

I would venture to say to never arrive empty handed, but this one could also be played by ear. It is customary for house guests to give a thank-you gift to the host either on arrival, during their stay, or sent afterward. Some house guests like to buy dinner out during their stay or purchase groceries or make dinner one night.

Others might show up with a game, the latest best-selling book, or something fun and simple like packages of cocktail napkins – if time permits, even have them monogrammed with the host’s initials for that extra touch.

If you travel out of state, “from our home to yours” gifts are always a treat; something unique from Colorado – Hammond’s candies, Enstrom toffee, Celestial Seasonings tea, Local Hive honey and Stranahan’s whiskey are all familiar Colorado companies. 

Or, maybe you would prefer to send flowers after your stay? This is an elegant touch and a beautiful thank you that is not often employed but oh so clever. If you choose to send something after-the-fact, pay extra close attention during your visit for items of special significance to your stay or things they may need in the home. Details matter, and keep an eye while visiting for a local business to engage; it’s more personal that way.

Put your best foot forward and you will likely get a second invitation. I hope so!

Big Love,
Mrs. A




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