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Modern approach to updating brick

By Lynn Zahorik, courtesy photos

As you travel the streets of Castle Pines, it is remarkable to observe the revitalization that is happening throughout the neighborhoods. Striking changes are being made to the exteriors of traditional homes constructed over the past three decades. Inspired by an abundance of home improvement shows, homeowners are taking pride in making their homes more attractive and better utilized.

A few homes in Castle Pines have taken on a more modern look by showcasing painted brick in a variety of shades. The painted brick homes are distinctive in color and trim and stand out among the other homes in the neighborhood.

Born and raised in Minnesota, Nicole and Andy Villas relocated their family to Castle Pines in 2010. Searching for a home where three young boys under the age of 8 could thrive, they chose a house on Ingleton Place. “The house was very plain inside and out when we bought it,” said Nicole. “We have spent the last 10 years slowly working on the inside, adding character wherever we could.” When the paint on the house began to look worn Nicole seized the opportunity to really do something she loved with the exterior of the house. After securing approval from the homeowners association (HOA) and neighbors in the cul-de-sac, the Villases hired painters to paint the exterior brick white. They were nervous, but when it was all complete, they loved it immediately.

“I know some people consider it a sin to paint brick, but I’ve never been more pleased with a big design decision in my life, and we’ve done a lot of projects!” declared Nicole. “It feels like our home – not just a house – and it makes us happy to pull into the driveway.”

When Mark and Sharon Asaro purchased a new home for their blended family of eight in 2020, they had a specific look in mind. With a love for home design, Sharon decided to update the 20-year-old natural brick exterior of their Turweston Lane home with limewash paint. “It’s a fairly simple process to be honest and gaining popularity for its timeless and classic look,” said Sharon. “It’s an inexpensive way to update brick homes. It’s extremely popular in the UK and Europe. You can add color to the wash if you want to give it a colored hue or you can stay traditional white.” Their stunning limewashed home is accented with brown wooden shutters and garage doors, giving the home an old-world charm.

When considering making a change to the exterior color of your home, it is important to submit an architectural review request form to the HOA management company. After review of the required documentation, exterior color changes are submitted for consideration to the HOA board. Approval timelines vary, anywhere from a week to 45 days.



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