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Roxy Rocks

Photo of Roxy, toy poodle

One active trait of poodle breeds is playing with toys. Roxy loves to play and enjoys her favorite pink squeaky toy for more relaxing activity.

Roxy is a 3-year-old, 16-pound miniature sheepadoodle that is full of pounce and fluff. A cross between a miniature poodle and an Old English sheepdog, Roxy is very smart, playful and loving.

On average, full-grown mini sheepadoodles weigh between 24 and 44 pounds, and Roxy’s unusually small size makes her the perfect portable dog for the Prewett family. Roxy goes everywhere with her family and especially enjoys riding in the car to pick up the Prewett kids – Jenna (10), Bryson (14) and Dawson (15) from school.

Roxy joined the Prewett family when she was just a puppy. Prior to Roxy, the Prewetts had 15-year-old Charlie who was similar in size and color, but a DNA test showed more than 15 breeds. They could not find another Charlie, but they say they were blessed to find Roxy. Her look is similar to Charlie and her non-shedding breed was a bonus.

Roxy’s easy-going temperament harkens to the Old English sheepdog, a good natured, shaggy breed that was developed to help bring cattle and sheep to market.

Photo of Roxy paddleboarding

Roxy started paddleboarding with the Prewett family as a puppy. She is pictured above as captain to Shawna Prewett’s paddleboard on the water of Chatfield Reservoir.

Shawna Prewett says Roxy is our “what are we doing now” kind of dog. Sheepadoodles love attention, so for Roxy, the activity is not as important to her as being with her family. If the family is going to the park or paddleboarding, Roxy is there to herd her family to the car. She even makes sure her family is put to bed in the evenings and is there to wake them as the sun rises.

Roxy’s gets her athletic and energetic personality trait from the miniature poodle breed. Poodles are very athletic which suits the Prewett family. The Prewetts stay active with paddleboarding, surfing, hiking and running, so naming their newest family member after the surf and snowboard brand “Roxy” came naturally.

Although Roxy does not like to swim, she can be found enjoying the headwinds on the front of one their paddleboards or on the bow of their boat. Her favorite activity is hitting the trails whether it be hiking or running.

The Prewett family says Roxy is small but mighty with little legs that never slow her down.

By Julie Matuszewski; photos courtesy of Shawna Prewett




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