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Sitting on surfaces that should not be sat on

Graphic of Thoroughly Modern Manners

Dear Reader,

You’re going to have to bear with me as I am going on a little bit of a rant this month. I know there are things people do that drive us all crazy – like not holding the door, or returning the shopping cart. This month I’d like to talk about one of the things that drives me up the wall – people sitting on surfaces that they should not be sitting on.

I don’t know what has happened to this simple rule of etiquette. Has it gone by the wayside like brushing your hair in the kitchen? It has completely gotten away from us. I see all kinds of advertisements with people sitting on tables and sitting on countertops. When did this become ok? I came downstairs one day to find a visitor sitting on my stovetop. I let the visitor know in the kindest of terms, but in no uncertain terms, that this was unacceptable. I won’t even let my kids sit on picnic tabletops. It follows the age old and somewhat profane adage, “Don’t sit your _ss where I will set my glass.” It is a simple matter of hygiene.

While we’re at it, let’s talk about one of the biggest offenders of all, the lady’s handbag. There was a study that found women’s handbags hosted more bacteria than the average toilet flush. The bottoms of the bag were found to be the nastiest, most likely because women place them on the bathroom floor (that’s what the hooks are for) and then bring them home and plop them down on the kitchen counter. I was in a Japanese tea house, and unbeknownst to me, someone put a shallow basket under my purse on the floor. I had never heard the saying, “put your purse on the floor and you will be poor” but it follows the superstition that your purse is a symbol of your wealth and putting it on the floor is a sign of great disrespect and disregard for your money. Not to mention hygiene.

Thanks for reading and here’s to knowing better and doing better!

Big Love,
Mrs. Abramovitz




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