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Woman of many talents named Zontian of the Year

By Chris Michlewicz; photo courtesy of Barbara A. Lane

Photo of Barbara A. Lane with her grandson, Kyle Crooks.

Barbara A. Lane with her grandson, Kyle Crooks, a CSU student and football player.

A Castle Rock woman with a passion for creating and connecting with people was selected as Zontian of the Year.

Barbara A. Lane, who has lived in the Sapphire Pointe neighborhood since 2004, received the honor from the local chapter of the Zonta Club, an international organization dedicated to empowering women through service and advocacy. She has only been a member since last February, but has quickly helped grow awareness of the nonprofit through her marketing efforts.

Most people have either a dominant right brain or a dominant left brain, but Lane’s cerebral hemispheres seem to have equal powers, giving her a range of talents that she’s eager to use for good. She’s an internationally known graphic artist and longtime marketing consultant who is adept at developing concepts in her mind and then putting them into action.

A conversation with Lane pinballs from one exciting subject to the next, and her stories reflect her role in launching some of Colorado’s most enduring causes and institutions, such as 9Cares Colorado Shares, the local Women Build for Habitat for Humanity, and 950 The Fan (now 104.3 The Fan), to name a few. For many years, Lane was the product marketing specialist at several former major radio stations in the Denver area, and connected with corporations on large projects and product launches. These days, she’s a freelance marketing specialist and creates the annual program and banners for the Douglas County High School Quarterback Club, recently staying up for 48 hours straight to make banners when the school was in a bind.

There was a point when Lane thought she’d slow her pace and reduce her involvement in the organizations of which she is a member. It didn’t work.

“I retired but I couldn’t stay retired,” said Lane, who comes from a long line of artists.

After she lost her son when he was 33 years old, Lane and her husband, Gary Bruns, became guardians for her grandson, who was a baby at the time. Kyle is now 23 and plays football for Colorado State University. Lane is his number one booster and fan.

Her work with the Zonta Club, which she refers to as the Castle Rock nonprofit you’ve never heard of, included marking the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage and helping with a get-out-the-vote campaign prior to the election. According to Lane, the members of the club are “wonderful and giving and very service oriented.”

“Especially with the year we’ve had, knowing people are still willing to give through their heart is so important,” she said.

Recently, Lane has rediscovered her love for creating watercolor art and she’s taken a deep dive in the world of genealogy. Originally from Alabama, Lane discovered that she’s not only related to Princess Diana on her mother’s side, but also Queen Elizabeth II on her father’s side. She even learned that two distant cousins live right up the street from her.

Lane, who has a degree in medical technology from Jacksonville State University, takes pride in her many varied interests, which include hanging out with her Arabian horse, Magellan, and her two dogs, a dachshund and a German shepherd.

“I thought growing up that I had to be good at one thing, and I was wrong,” she said.



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