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A century of grace and joy: Jeanne turns 100!

close up of senior lady

Jeanne Furr, who still lives independently in her home is Castle Pines, will celebrate her centennial birthday on January 4.

Younger pic of Jeanne

Jeanne age 18 living in Long Beach, California. She was mistaken at times for her doppelganger, actress Barbara Stanwyk.













Castle Pines is abuzz with excitement as we extend heartfelt congratulations to Jeanne Furr, a remarkable resident about to reach the incredible milestone of 100 years young!  Furr’s journey is a captivating tale of resilience, love and a century’s worth of memories.

Born in Denver on January 4, 1924, Furr moved to Long Beach as a young child, spending formative years before returning to Bramble Wood in Castle Pines a decade ago, enriching her life by being closer to family.

A woman of diverse talents, Furr underwent professional voice training, showcasing her soprano skills in symphony performances.  In 1946, she married her beloved husband, who later became a minister.  In the ministry, Furr played the organ and piano at church, served the various needs of the community, and together she and her husband extended a warm welcome to the homeless into their home and connected them with resources.

For 70 years, Furr dedicated her life to supporting her husband and the community they served.  She also took computer classes at the local college and went on to instruct classes.  The passing of her husband seven years ago marked a poignant chapter in Furr’s journey, underscoring her strength.

“The key to a beautiful life is patience.  Remember the Fruits of the Spirit in Galatians in the Bible.  If you follow this, things just don’t bother you as much.  Encourage each other – don’t criticize each other.  Your love for one another is the main thing that will pull you through,” Furr said.

Another testament to her resilience is seen in her unwavering spirit after the loss of her daughter, who she was very close to and who also resided in Castle Pines.  Furr’s love extends to three children, eight grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren, with another on the way.

Furr cherishes family, reinforcing bonds through weekend FaceTime sessions with nephews and her sister who is 102 and living in assisted living.  Furr is amazed at the technological advances she has witnessed over the last 100 years.  In particular, she loves her cell phone but emphasizes not letting it take over life, finding FaceTiming family (without long-distance fees) a great invention.

“I have always been happy and proud of my children,” Furr added.

Beyond milestones and decades of service, Furr finds joy in caring for her home, solving crossword puzzles, spending time with family over a good meal, and tending to her beloved grand-doggie and cat.  She still drives, and music remains a heartbeat in her soul – she is loyal to classical greats like Beethoven and Mozart.

Offering sage advice, Furr encourages never to let anything bother or discourage.  She emphasizes love, forgiveness and understanding different personalities shaped by upbringing.  She urges compassion, especially for those who may seem annoying or cruel, by considering their past challenges and why they may do the things they do.

As her 100th birthday approaches, Furr’s family is planning a grand celebration with a special dinner.  Additionally, Independent Financial (Furr’s bank over the last decade) will also host a casual party at the bank on January 4, and all are welcome.

Despite life’s challenges, Furr expresses gratitude, acknowledging God’s goodness.  With a content heart, Furr shares the key to a beautiful life: love, patience and following Galatians 5 principles – the fruit of the spirit.

In celebrating Furr’s centennial milestone, we honor not just years but a life lived with grace, love and an enduring spirit.  Cheers to Furr on her 100th birthday – a true inspiration!


two children

Furr and her older sister, Margaret, now 101, who lives in Minnesota.


couple in black and white

Furr and her husband, Dorsey, not long after their wedding in 1946.

Photo of childhood home

Jeanne’s birthplace at 2041 S. Ogden St. in Denver. According to her son Wayne, the house was believed to be built by her father.

By Nicole Stark; photos courtesy of Wayne Furr




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