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A mom at every stage of the game

Story about Ed McCaffrey, Lisa McCaffrey, Max McCaffrey, Dylan McCaffrey, Christian McCaffrey, Luke McCaffrey

The Village at Castle Pines resident Lisa McCaffrey is not only a wife, mother and the heartbeat of her family, she produces a podcast called “Your Mom,” a show that interviews moms in various stages of motherhood and especially those who have raised sports celebrities. She co-produces the podcast with seasoned sports broadcaster Ashley Adamson (pictured above right).


This is the story of Lisa McCaffrey. When you hear the McCaffrey name, you may think of Christian, who recently played in Super Bowl LVIII for the San Francisco 49ers. You might remember Ed, who was not only an NFL wide receiver for the Denver Broncos (and the New York Giants and 49ers), but who coached football at Valor Christian High School and most recently at the University of Northern Colorado. You might also recall that there are three other McCaffrey boys – Max, Dylan and Luke, also very accomplished in their own right.

What you might not know is that Lisa is the wife, mother and heartbeat of the McCaffrey family. In addition to raising four successful young men, for the past two years Lisa has been a contributor on the podcast, Your Mom, a show that interviews moms in various stages of motherhood, especially those moms who raised sports celebrities. Lisa’s co-host is Ashley Adamson, a seasoned sports broadcaster with two young children.

“When Ashley and I started Your Mom, we wondered if there was a secret sauce with all the moms we interviewed,” shared Lisa. “What we found out, even from the first podcast, is that moms love unconditionally. Every one of them loves their kids and would do anything for them even in the worst of times. They have all let their kids find their passion and encouraged them and supported them along the way.”

Growing up in Key Biscayne, Florida (near Miami), Lisa excelled in high school athletics: soccer, tennis, volleyball, track and cheerleading. She lettered four times in tennis and set a high school record in soccer (56 goals in one season), which landed her in Sports Illustrated in 1986. Lisa was offered the first-ever women’s scholarship for soccer at Vanderbilt University, but after visiting Stanford University, she moved west and played soccer for the Cardinal. She majored in English, and in her junior year, she met Ed who was a receiver for the football team. After graduation, the couple moved east following Ed’s draft to the Giants. They married and welcomed their first son, Max.

Ed’s career relocated the family to California and ultimately Colorado when he was recruited by the Broncos. Lisa had her next three boys in Colorado, four kids in seven years. Lisa managed the household solo for half the year, while Ed was traveling to play ball.

“On weekends, I would take these rambunctious boys to parks and everyone else was with their families,” said Lisa. “The off seasons were nice when Ed was back home.”

Lisa kept the boys busy. She signed them up for multiple sports and activities as she and Ed believed it was important for their overall development.

“Because Ed played football, everyone thinks that we forced football on the boys; we didn’t. I tried to force them to play soccer,” Lisa joked. “It didn’t work.”

As she reflected on raising young children, Lisa said she remembers losing herself a bit, but not in a negative way. “It was a big responsibility and one I welcomed, but it was a full-time job.”

Lisa credits her mom and her grandmother for the way she learned to care for her children. “They did it better than I did,” she declared. Lisa maintains a close relationship with her mother who lives in Florida but spends part of the year here in Colorado.

As her boys grew, Lisa shuttled them to all the practices and activities, not to mention managing the cooking and the laundry for four athletes. “We have gone through five washing machines,” she quipped.

When Ed retired from the NFL, they considered moving. “The boys were embedded in schools and this is such a great area. Why would we leave?” questioned Lisa. The McCaffreys first lived in Parker and have lived in The Village at Castle Pines for the past 23 years. All four boys graduated from Valor.

As empty nesters, Ed and Lisa both work from home. The couple enjoys morning coffee (and sometimes homemade scones Lisa makes) by the big windows in the family room while they peruse the news. They celebrated their 32-year wedding anniversary together in April.

Life has slowed a bit, but adult kids can be just as challenging. “With four kids, your brain splits into four and you are always worried,” said Lisa. “My kids are older, but you are never not a mom, at every single stage of the game.”

In addition to keeping up with her sons’ careers, Lisa runs in her neighborhood with a goal of 15 miles per week. She has also reignited her life-long passion for art, and her whimsical style is visible throughout the McCaffrey home – the Miami vibe is still in her blood. The house decor is bold, eclectic and full of bright color. Her favorite artist is William DeBilzan and his work hangs in their home, while some of his inspiration is found in Lisa’s paintings and creations in her basement art studio. The basement is also where Lisa started broadcasting the podcast. More recently, Lisa has written a children’s book illustrated by another one of her favorite artists, Donald Robertson, but she hasn’t pursued publishing it yet.

To date, Lisa and Ashley have produced 73 episodes of Your Mom, and the feedback from the women they have interviewed is positive. The moms are grateful for the opportunity to tell their own stories, many that have nothing to do with their successful kids. “People never ask about us,” said Chris Darnold, mother of Minnesota Vikings quarterback Sam Darnold, who was the podcast’s first guest in 2022.

Going forward, Lisa hopes the show will be picked up by a larger outlet to help facilitate guests and grow the brand. She is also preparing for two weddings: Christian’s later this year and Dylan’s in 2025.

Lisa and Ed enjoy traveling to see their sons and are happy for all their successes. Max (29) is a coach for the Miami Dolphins, Christian (27) remains a running back for the 49ers, Dylan (25) is currently a fishing and tour guide in Hilton Head, and Luke (23) is a recent graduate from Rice University and is expected to be drafted into the NFL (press deadline was before the actual draft).

“I am very proud that the boys all get along and are so supportive of each other,” Lisa concluded, “and I look forward to spending Mother’s Day with them.”

To listen to Your Mom, search your favorite podcast app or visit

Lisa McCaffrey is passionate about art, and she spends much of her free time creating projects in her basement studio. Her art is  eclectic and she enjoys working with a variety of mediums and bright colors.


Art studio in the home of Ed and Lisa McCaffrey. Sons Max McCaffrey, Dylan McCaffrey, Christian McCaffrey, and Luke McCaffrey

By Hollen Wheeler; photos courtesy of Lisa McCaffrey




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