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A night at the museum

American Academy – Castle Pines art teacher Melissa Lopez proudly shared this year’s art museum with the families and guests of American Academy.

“A Night at the Museum” was this year’s theme for the American Academy – Castle Pines (AA) campus student art show. Student artists from kindergarten to fifth grade showcased their projects made of watercolor, 3D printed technology and paper mâché. All student art projects were on display for guests to enjoy at their leisure. Each class created pieces for a specific historical period of the imaginary museum.

The kindergarten class displayed rain forest bugs on leaves, while the first grade class navigated guests through ancient Egyptian art. Then it was on to native North American pots by the second grade class, followed by Australian Aboriginal art by third graders. Fourth grade student art projects were a two-week collaboration with the technology class that transported guests to ancient China with 3D printed silk scrolls. Last to be viewed were the fifth grade ancient Mayan masks.

Geometric designs on native North American pottery was the chosen theme for second-grade artists. The project included a designed pot, which was colored, then filled with dirt and cactus using watercolor.

Kindergartner Nova Rondon was awarded a silver ribbon for her creative work of bugs in a rainforest. Her method involved drawing only half of the bug and then transferring the image to the other half using black paint then filling with color.

First grade artist Zaralina Rondon happily displayed her Ancient Egyptian art. Each first grade class made different blocks while exploring rich colors, jewelry, hieroglyphs and mummies.

“The artists were not only talented but were also very invested,” said AA art teacher Melissa Lopez. The students were excited to learn what project was coming next. Six trophies were presented to Artists of the Year for third through fifth grade students. Gold, silver and bronze ribbons were awarded to select kindergarten, first and second grade artists.

The artists not only worked hard, but they also played hard while paying attention, asking questions, and caring for their art materials and space. All the young artists displayed leadership throughout the year by discussing art, sharing ideas and tips, and encouraging fellow students. “They are leaders, and they are fully invested in their time and effort in the art room,” added Lopez. Lopez was thrilled to share all the artwork at A Night at the Museum.

Article and photos by Julie Matuszewski



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