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A simpler summer

By Sarah Bermingham, RCHS intern writer; photos courtesy of the Mendus family

Photo of Mendus family enjoys spending time outside.

The Mendus family enjoys spending time outside together. Here, they take in the beautiful weather on a family hike.

While summer 2020 is unlike anything anyone anticipated, the community is having no problem coming up with enjoyable replacements to the usual, fast-paced break from school. From enjoying the outdoors to hanging out with family and friends, this summer gives many the time and opportunity to do things they love.

The Mendus family includes four daughters, all swimmers. They had planned on spending most of their summer swimming for the local community swim team. As a family who loves the water, they instead got creative as lakes and reservoirs started to reopen. “We’ve started going paddleboarding, which has been a great substitute. We were about ready to put our swimsuits and everything on and just sit in the kiddie pool’s 12 inches of water, but this is so much more fun,” explained 19-year-old Sarah Mendus. “It’s been a good chance to hang out more with our family and friends, which we haven’t had time for in a while.”

Photo of The Mendus family in their yard.

The Mendus family makes the most of their yard space and extra free time this summer by playing cards and spending valuable time together.

The unique nature of this summer does not mean community residents have to miss out on the beautiful Colorado weather. Now is the perfect time to break out the yard games, go stargazing, or try at-home camping. The Mendus family spends much of their time enjoying their backyard, playing games and making campfire dinners complete with s’mores. They even found a way to enjoy their favorite movies outdoors. “We hang a sheet from the side of the house to project the movie and fill the patio with a bunch of pillows and blankets. It’s been really fun; plus you don’t have to spend $30 on movie theater popcorn!” said Mendus.

The Quintana family also has found creative ways to enjoy the summer with family hikes, as well as individual activities. McKenna Quintana enjoys creating art in her free time, something she hasn’t been able to fit in with her busy schedule until recently. “I enjoy having some time to myself, and I love how there are infinite possibilities in art,” stated Quintana. “I also finally got back into writing again, and I’ve had time recently to create ideas for new stories.”

As is evidenced by the increased family activity in the community, summer provides more time to do what we love, and it is also a great chance to try something new.



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