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Random acts of kindness day

By The Castle Pines Connection

Harry and Donna Gordon were the recipients of a holiday meal as a generous act of kindness from their neighbors. They are holding the woodsy centerpiece that accompanied the meal.

Random Acts of Kindness Day (RAK Day) is February 17 and is a reminder to try and make the world a kinder place, no matter how small the act. A kind gesture can mean more to the receiver than the giver knows. A wonderful example of a generous act of kindness here in our community took place over the holidays.

After Donna and Harry Gordon had to cancel their Christmas Eve plans with their next-door neighbors from a COVID-19 exposure, their neighbors said they would bring dinner over to them.

“They showed up in our doorway at 4:30 p.m., that magical twilight hour, their arms laden with a bounty of love and food, all beautifully wrapped. It truly took my breath away,” said Donna.

Appetizers, a special veggie medley, homemade curried chicken with crackers, ribs and side dishes were presented on Christmas china. Donna was delighted to set their table with linens in Christmas napkin rings and a beautiful Christmas centerpiece which were all provided in the delivery.

Their neighbors added, “By the way, we have you covered for Christmas dinner too.” Instead of spending the holiday with family, Donna and Harry were home, so it was completely unexpected to be asked, “How would you like your prime rib?”

Christmas dinner arrived on a bamboo tray lined with Christmas tissue and strewn with Christmas lights. “The presentation was so charming!” Donna exclaimed. The perfectly prepared prime rib was the main course with appetizers and sides carefully placed in separate compartments. The generous portions all arrived piping hot with no need to reheat. Wine and homemade cookies in holiday canisters completed the special meal.

The gift of a meal as a random act of kindness: This beautifully presented elaborate holiday dinner included appetizers, a main course, sides, wine and dessert.

After dropping off dinner, the kind neighbors said they would be back in an hour and a half with dessert. Would they like cherry or pumpkin pie or both? Would they like homemade whipped cream? Donna and Harry said, “Yes!”

Their neighbors’ generosity truly touched Donna and Harry. “They went above and beyond,” Donna exclaimed. “They are always willing to help a neighbor and ask nothing in return. This was truly a gift of love.”

“What could have been a lonely and disappointing holiday turned into one we will never forget,” Donna added.

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