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Airport Noise to Increase Temporarily

Noise from planes taking off and landing at Centennial Airport may have recently become more apparent to CPN residents. This is because the airport is doing work on one of its runways, which is forcing all planes to use an alternate, shorter runway. Hence, the situation has required planes to use a slightly different flight path, thus creating more plane noise.

The initial work on the runway was scheduled to end on July 28. However, the runway will again be closed for two more periods, the dates of which are unknown at this time. Work should conclude by the end of August.

The air traffic noise generated by planes taking off and landing at Centennial Airport has been steadily rising over the past few years and there is a committee of CPN residents working on the issue.

For more information on Centennial Airport noise, read the article entitled, “Air Traffic Abatement Public Input Period to be Set Soon.”

More information about Centennial Airport is available at Citizens can report noise complaints to the Noise Complaint Hotline at 303-790-4709.



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