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Arapahoe Community College Offers “Plain Talk on Art”

Ever wanted to know more about various topics in “Art”? This series offers a group of slide lectures and plain and elegant talks and discussions about topics that run the gamut of art of the past-and-present. They are sure to interest and stimulate, and are presented by people with experience and insight in their fields, people who have the passion to share these ideas with you! Enjoy the visual and other richness that is offered in the following three lecture series offerings, and give yourself a gift……of enjoying and thinking about ART!

Blake Milteer, Assistant Curator, Denver Art Museum Photography Collection
“Photography in Denver”

Thursdays 10/9/03, 10/16/03, 10/23/03 7-9PM, AD105 (Art & Design Center 100 Building); Saturday 10/4/03, 1-3PM (Denver Art Museum)

Lectures on the history of photography and a hands-on viewing of Milteer’s own extensive photography collection. Following presentations by regional photographic artists from both fine art and commercial backgrounds, there will be a discussion on the relationship between fine art and commercial photography in our visual culture. This lecture series also includes a Saturday lecture at the Denver Art Museum’s current photography exhibit, “Retrospectacle: 25 Years of Collecting Photography.”

Robert St. John, Artist

“Modern Art: What is it?!”

Mondays 10/27/03, 11/3/03, 11/10/03, 7-9PM, AD105 (Art & Design Center 100 Building); Saturday 11/8/03, 1-3PM (Denver Art Museum)

Lectures on the subject of Modern Art, its history, and avenues to appreciate and enjoy it! St. John brings his knowledge and experience as both artist and educator to these informative and humor-filled lectures. Included is one Saturday lecture at the Denver Art Museum’s upcoming Phillips Collection Exhibit, “From El Greco to Picasso.”

For more information and to place credit card reservations, call 303-797-5967, or e-mail



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