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Berg Haus is open for business

The neighborhood sports bar and grill that opened its doors in the King Soopers shopping center in mid-December 2019 recently closed its doors – and then reopened two weeks later – prompting questions about the establishment’s future.

“Our lease is up next October, and we have been in negotiations for the sale of the business,” said majority owner and community resident Bruce Ringgenberg. According to Bruce, he signed a letter of intent for the sale and was asked not to say anything until the deal was done – which he thought was happening last month, but it did not work out. When the deal collapsed, he said, it messed up everything.

“It caused a lot of problems for our employees and customers because we had already de-coupled accounts, freezing access to finances to pay suppliers and make payroll,” he said. Bruce confirmed that within a couple of days following the closure, everything was unlocked again and that he had cut a check to every single employee, making them whole.

“I’ve owned or have been a partner in five different restaurants in the past 11 years, and I have never, ever missed a payroll,” he said emphatically. “This was out of my control, and it was very difficult for everyone involved. For that, I am very sorry,” he said.

As the search for the right buyer continues, the neighborhood sports bar and grill remains open for business with a lighter version of their menu and scaled back hours of operation. Berg Haus is open afternoons / evenings Thursday through Sunday, and all day on Saturday and Sunday. They anticipate enhancing those days and hours by adding Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon / evenings.  For the updated schedule and specific hours, visit

“We are keeping things simple and cutting back our labor model,” said Bruce. “We still need the community’s support and invite everyone to come back in for continued great times at The Berg!”

By Terri Wiebold



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