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Big dog in a small body

By Julie Matuszewski; photos courtesy of Claire Miller

Photo of Christian Miller with Appa (left) and Claire Miller with Olive

In 2019, the Millers escaped to the mountains to enjoy a day in the beautiful colors of the fall foliage. Pictured above are Christian with Appa (left) and Claire with Olive (right).

Olive may be small, but she is mighty said her owners Claire and Christian Miller. Claire shared that when their 30-plus pound corgi comes running at her, she feels as though she has been struck by a tank.

Olive is a Pembroke Welsh corgi, not to be confused with the Cardigan corgi. Although both are Welsh breeds, the Pembroke corgis arrived in Wales with the Vikings and descended from the Nordic spitz breeds. Both Pembrokes and Cardigans are sturdy herding breeds. It was specifically Queen Elizabeth II’s love for the Pembroke Welsh corgi that has made the breed a household name.

A dwarf breed with her large head, long body and short thick legs, Olive is smart, loyal and loves to please her owners which makes her a great family pet. The Millers have enjoyed watching Olive’s true personality shine with each passing year. Corgis are extremely affectionate, and Olive certainly does not shy away from giving her family hugs and snuggles. For Claire, it is these moments that she feels she has a true connection with Olive, and Christian always falls for Olive’s puppy dog eyes.

Photo of Olive the dog

With her paws folded together, Olive convincingly begs for one more game of fetch. Who could resist?

Olive’s gentle hits may feel like a tank, but it is her unconditional love that the Millers feel with each loving impact. Olive, now 5, joined the family of two as a puppy. Claire had always had an interest in the corgi breed. When they found the perfect breeder in Loveland, the Millers knew they could not turn back, making Olive their first fur baby.

Olive loves attention and she is a strong-willed dog that thrives on routine. She prefers her walks around Elk Ridge Park to a hike in the mountains. A cattle herding dog by nature, it is no wonder Olive enjoys fetch with her chew toy over and over and over until she drops from exhaustion.

Pembroke Welsh corgis are smart and learn fast. Motivated by food of any kind, especially watermelon and carrots, Olive quickly learned the basic commands of sit, stay and down. Her newest learned trick is to ask. When Olive wants more play time or a treat, she simply asks by standing on her hind legs, putting her front paws together then waving them up and down to ask. According to the Millers, once Olive starts playing, she does not want to stop. After she has exhausted her owners, she will begin her routine and ask to play again, and again and again.

Olive is a happy dog and has brought the Millers so much joy that they now enjoy the company of two Pembroke Welsh corgis. Appa recently joined their family of three and the Millers could not be more thrilled.



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