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Biographies on a bottle

By Julie Matuszewski; photos courtesy of Ilana Bove

Photo of biography bottle of Chelsea Werner

Not only is Chelsea Werner a four-time Special Olympic USA Gymnastic champion and two-time world champion, she is also the muse behind Grace Creeden’s biography bottle.

Timber Trail Elementary second grade students created “Biography Bottles” in the likeness of a famous person they chose to study and research. Using 2-liter soda bottles and other select craft supplies, the students created unique biography bottles of figures like Queen Elizabeth I, King Tut and Helen Keller. Incorporating their research, writing and presentation skills, students delivered a biography slide show presentation to their classmates.

Photo of biography bottle of Leonardo da Vinci

Evan Rodriguez showcasing his biography bottle of Leonardo da Vinci, an Italian painter credited as the founder of the High Renaissance.



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