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Bliss Bouquet Bar

Blooming people’s purpose

logo behind the business bliss bouquet bar

photo of family and balloons

The Marrone family in their Castle Pines home (left to right): Lindsey, Ashlynn, Scarlett, Andy and Annalise up front.

In 2005, Professor Jeannette Haviland-Jones of Rutgers University published a scientific finding that flowers are an environmental approach to positive emotions.  Empirically speaking, flowers have power.  Lindsey Davidson Marrone tapped into this flower power and in 2019 started her floral design business, Bliss Bouquet Bar (BBB) from her home in the Estates of Buffalo Ridge.

Two events happened to blossom her business, which takes a philanthropic approach.  Marrone made a bouquet for a friend finishing a house remodel and then she took the leftover flowers to create another arrangement for a dinner party for her best friend.  Thankfully, her best friend saw the talent and encouraged Marrone to make her hobby into a business.

Marrone and her husband, Andy, moved to Castle Pines in 2019 from Orange County and, like most transplants, found Colorado’s quality of life irresistible.  Her three daughters, Scarlett (14), Ashlynn (13) and Annalise (9) are your typical busy kids.  Annalise attends Timber Trail Elementary, while Ashlynn goes to Rocky Heights Middle School and Scarlett goes to Rock Canyon High School.

Having worked in law and land development, Marrone’s business mindset needed something to fill in the space between raising her girls that did not require the typical demands of corporate life.

Marrone has no formal training as a florist or floral designer, but serendipitously, her aptitude test in high school reflected that being a florist would be her best career choice.

Marrone recalled anxiously putting her business on the NextDoor app to test the waters.  Fast forward four years, and she has two assistants to help support, assist and design floral requests for clients, corporate events, weddings, graduation ceremonies and fundraising activities.

Marrone’s effervescence and contagious energy lights up the room when she speaks about the fundraising arm of BBB.  BBB’s core value is that “gratitude is the fuel of the universe.”  Last year during the holidays, Marrone launched a community give-back option in her business.  With a twist from your traditional fundraising campaigns, if Marrone received multiple orders from an organization (homecoming corsages, for example), she would give 10-20 percent back to the football club.  The causes did not have to be nonprofits but could be local foundations, schools or any noble cause.

Marrone believes “it is not about flowers, it is about changing lives…if you support something that makes the world better, you contribute to the world and it pays it forward.  I want to help bloom people’s purpose.”

To learn more about BBB, visit

photo of flower bouquet on table

A Bliss Bouquet Bar centerpiece at a corporate event.


By ViVi Somphon; photos courtesy of Lindsey Davidson Marrone




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