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BRE picks up some more chicks

The incubator and brooder set up for this year’s chick hatching allowed students throughout BRE to peek in and see the progress.

Article by Kathy Fallert; courtesy photos

Buffalo Ridge Elementary (BRE) held its second annual chick-hatching event at the school to help their students learn about embryology.  Forty-one fertile eggs were donated to the kindergarten enrichment program and were kept in incubators nicknamed Mother Nest 1 and Mother Nest 2.

Sponsored by Castle Rock Chick-fil-A, the front office kept a plastic chick where students and visitors could guess how many of the 41 eggs would hatch.  The winner, Macy H., won with the correct number of 12 and received a dinner for five at Chick-fil-A.

Teacher Kristin Duran led the way with the embryology endeavor.  BRE parent Valerie Miller said, “Kristin and I have enjoyed sharing this experience with her enrichment kids, and this year the viewing window allowed the rest of the BRE students to get a peek at the incubator and then brooder to watch the progress.  The chicks will move to our property to live with our flock.  I have loved hearing ‘Ms. Valerie, are you the chicken farmer?’  Student Connor even shared with me that he wants to be a chicken farmer when he grows up!”

BRE fifth grader Macy H. won dinner for five at the Castle Rock Chick-fil-A by correctly guessing the number of eggs that would hatch in the incubators.

Parent Pierce Jacoway shared, “Coop thought the experience was so great!  Every night he would explain the process of how some eggs had babies and others were just eggs and how shining a light into the eggs would allow you to see the babies inside.  He asked if we could shine a light in the eggs that we had in the refrigerator!”

“This unit brought learning to life,” added parent Kaley Scott, “and is exactly the type of experience that creates a lifelong love of learning!”



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