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Castle Pines Chiropractic Center

Dr. John Stevens is the popular owner and director of Castle Pines Chiropractic Center, located inside the Bank West Building on Castle Pines Parkway. If you haven’t been adjusted by Dr. Stevens, chances are you know someone who has!

Prior to opening his office here more than three years ago, John owned and operated clinics in Florida and Delaware, as well as in the Bahamas. He is pleased to report that his wife, Dr. Lynn Kelly-Stevens, will be joining the practice this month.

When patients come to Dr. Stevens, they are often complaining of carpal tunnel syndrome, headache, backache, or sciatica. According to Dr. Stevens, employing chiropractic “improves the function of the nervous system, so you heal yourself. I don’t do it.”

The father of two young boys, John adjusted both his children when they were just a day old. Birth “really torques the neck” which can cause earaches, eating disorders, asthma, and allergies.

Dr. Steven’s office is a full-service center of holistic health. Patients can choose traditional, hands-on (or Palmer) spinal adjusting techniques, or instrument adjusting using a low-force arthrostim.

In addition, a full diagnostic facility is located within the office, offering low exposure x-rays, scans, range of motion testing, and muscle testing. Patients can actually see a picture of their necks and spines on a monitor before and after getting adjusted.

A certified massage therapist offers neuromuscular, deep-tissue, and Swedish massage.

The one-stop health shop continues with an array of supplements by Nutri-West available for sale. For example, Glucosamine Plus is said to help with joint repair. Omega 3 works to rejuvenate cells to promote healing.

In addition, ComfortForm mattresses and pillows are available for sale at about half the price of what you would pay for a Tempur-pedic product.

Dr. Stevens also offers Wellness Workshops every second Thursday, to discuss topics such as general nutrition, weight loss and what chiropractic can do for you.

Dr. Stevens is very involved in the community, sponsoring Douglas County Baseball teams, and working with the CPN Master Association on such events as the Easter Egg Hunt and the Family BBQ. Patient appreciation days have raised money for firefighters after 9-11, and for families of overseas troops. He is now very interested in raising money to work against Xcel’s power line plans in CPN.

One more thing: Dr. Stevens would like to take this opportunity to clarify a statement of his that was reported in the national media during the wildfire evacuation in October.

Stevens had been quoted as saying that he was going to drop off his family and return to the neighborhood “with guns loaded to protect my property.” Many people saw the quote in a local paper, and his sister-in-law even read it in Texas!

As Stevens recalls, he and his family were busy packing up their valuables when a rather disheveled young man in a pick-up truck with out-of-state plates started lurking around asking questions. Stevens naturally felt suspicious about revealing too much information to someone who was now learning that this particular home would soon be vacant. “I thought he was a looter!” John exclaims.

It turned out the man had previously identified himself to John’s wife as being from one of the national press syndicates. Stevens would like to assure his patients that he’s not a vigilante!

For more information on Castle Pines Chiropractic Center, to make an appointment, or to register for a Wellness Workshop, call 303-814-8000.



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