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2 Blondes All Breed Rescue

Dogs looking for forever homes

By Elise Brassell; photos courtesy of the Mellor family

Picture of puppies

It’s tiring being this cute while waiting for your forever home!

As any dog lover can tell you, underneath all that fur, beyond their love of people food, chew toys and causing household mischief, a dog has a heart of gold that offers an unconditional love rarely found anywhere else in life. Most dogs are lucky to be part of a loving home, but a dog’s journey throughout its life isn’t always perfect. For dogs that lose their way and end up in a shelter or in need of rescue, it’s a lucky day if they meet Leigh Mellor, a volunteer foster mom for 2 Blondes All Breed Rescue (2 Blondes).

2 Blondes rescues dogs from overpopulated, high-kill shelters and connects them with volunteers such as Mellor, who gives dogs the love, care and stable environment they need before they are adopted into their forever home.

Mellor has fostered 10 puppies since February, supported by her husband, Steve, and two daughters Brianna (16) and Morgan (13). Mellor provides basic training, health care and plenty of playtime before helping dogs find new families at adoption events.

A resident of Castle Pines, Mellor says she got connected with 2 Blondes after following the work of rescues on social media.

“I have always admired people in the rescue world. If it weren’t for rescues, these dogs and cats would not have a chance,” Mellor said. “I adopted my dog, Duke, from 2 Blondes and he has been amazing.”

Pic of family

Leigh Mellor, (center) cares for foster dogs with the support of her family, and she volunteers as “a great way to give back and do something good.”

2 Blondes hosts adoption events to encourage potential owners to meet dogs. “There is a rescue dog out there for everyone. Whether you need a puppy, hypoallergenic, small, big, calm or active dog, you can find one that fits within your family. There are so many different kinds of dogs needing homes.”

If you have ever considered fostering a dog but aren’t sure if it’s for you, Mellor encourages you to talk with a foster or rescue before deciding. “The reward you get for giving a dog or puppy a safe, loving home until they go to their forever home is amazing. When your foster dog or puppy gets adopted and you see them in their loving home, it is worth every minute. It makes you so happy.”

2 Blondes has rescued, fostered and adopted more than 4,500 animals into loving homes. The organization needs volunteers to foster puppies and adult dogs. For more information, visit



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