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Castle Rock plans for a second recreation center

A proposed second Town recreation center is moving forward as the Parks & Recreation Department continues to weigh input from residents and consider site location options.

To date, Parks & Recreation has hosted three public meetings, six user-group meetings and forrned a steering committee as part of an effort to propose a second recreation center on the November 2002 ballot. The Town is also reviewing proposals for possible site locations.

“We’ve heard a lot of diverse opinions,” says Parks and Recreation Director Rob Hanna, “and we’re also seeing some common themes emerging. People clearly want a facility that will provide appropriate diversions for the youth in this community. And they want a new facility that’s easily accessible by our trail and bike system.” Hanna said a preference is also emerging for additional gym and leisure pool space, and noted there is considerable support for a number of programs and facilities not currently offered.

The site, services and programs will be evaluated and identified in June. For more information, to learn about meeting schedules, or to get involved, contact Debbie McMillan at 303-814-7444 or go to

Frequently Asked Questions About the Rec Center:
[please note: the article’s use of the term “we” refers to the town of Castle Rock]

Do we need an additional recreation/community facility?
Yes. The population of Castle Rock has grown from 8,500 to 23,000 since the current recreation center was built in 1988. Currently, an average of 1,050 people visit the recreation center each day either to work out or to participate in one of the center’s programs. Already, the center is unable to meet the demand for aquatics, athletics, gym space, and many of our programs.

What will happen if a second recreation center is not built?
Castle Rock residents and youth will have to drive to the Denver area for many of their recreational needs, new program development will cease, and peo- pie will need to look elsewhere to swim, use the gym, or work out in the fitness room. Plus, no new youth programs could be developed.

What will be included in this new facility?
That’s up to you. The Parks and Recreation Department is conducting several public meetings and user group meetings to hear all ideas regarding possible amenities and needs for the new center. Every effort is being made to solicit as much input as possible. For a meeting schedule call Debbie MeMillan at 303-814-7444 or go to

How would it be funded?
A new facility in 2005 would require November 2002 voter approval to issue and finance bonds and exempt the new facility from TABOR limits.

Where will it be located?

We are currently evaluating several potential locations and are considering several criteria including land cost and availability, as well as ease of access. In addition, we may identify additional sites for future expansion of recreational services.

(Reprinted from the Castle Rock Communicator, Spring 2002 edition)



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