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CORE poster winner gives back

Photo of Buffalo Ridge Elementary art teacher, Tim Ryckman, congratulates Ethan L.

Buffalo Ridge Elementary art teacher, Tim Ryckman, congratulates Ethan L. for his winning first grade CORE Electric Cooperative poster entry. Carrie Wedel, CORE’s community relations specialist (above right) presented Ethan with a check for $100. Ethan chose Ryckman to receive the $500 check from CORE for his classroom.

CORE Electric Cooperative held a poster contest in May for “National Electrical Safety Month.” The contest was open to elementary school students, grades first through fifth, in the Douglas County School District.

Two cash prizes were given for each grade winner. The students each received a check for $100 and then chose a teacher at his or her school to receive a check for $500 to go toward the respective classrooms.

Buffalo Ridge Elementary (BRE) student Ethan L. won the first grade category. His poster’s theme was based on the safety lessons he learned at home regarding proper plugging-in and unplugging of his tablet.

“We found out Ethan won the CORE contest just days after finding out he won second place in the district art show, so it was a lot of exciting art news all at once,” said his mom, Taryn. Ethan chose BRE art teacher Mr. Tim Ryckman for the teacher award.

“Choosing Mr. Ryckman was easy for Ethan, especially with all his recent art success,” continued Taryn. “We really appreciate how dedicated Mr. Ryckman is to foster and encourage BRE students’ love for art.”

Ethan prudently added his prize money to his college savings account.

Photo of Ethan L.’s winning first grade poster.

Ethan L.’s winning first grade poster.

The day the winners were announced, Ryckman appeared on the school’s morning announcements, BRE TV, with CORE Community Relations Specialist Carrie Wedel to honor Ethan. Ryckman was unaware that he was a recipient, too.

“I was surprised – I had no idea that Ethan chose me,” Ryckman said.

The teacher is already thinking about how best to use the $500 for his classroom, probably on supplies for stained glass art projects, he added. “The startup supplies like glass cutting tools are a little expensive, but once we get them, the glass and other consumable supplies are cost manageable,” Ryckman said. Any stained glass project would be for the older students at BRE.

More than 100 posters were entered in the CORE contest and all were required to represent some aspect of electrical safety. CORE employees viewed all entries and selected the winners. The posters are part are of CORE’s public service and community campaign to promote electrical safety and are on display at the headquarters in Sedalia.

By Celeste McNeil; Photos courtesy of Monica Harmon



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