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County will Address CPN’s Traffic Signal and Sight-Line Problems

Douglas County Public Works staff met recently with members of the Castle Pine North Traffic Safety committee to help solve some of the neighborhood’s traffic woes.

As a result of the dialogue, the County has agreed to:

Fix the timing and sequencing problems of the traffic signals;
Fix problems with the school zones, in particular Timber Trail. “It’s flashing more often than it’s not,” said Linda Nuzum, one of the meeting’s participants.
Conduct an in-depth study of the intersection of Monarch Blvd. and Castle Pines Parkway to solve signal timing and lane problems.

The County will begin implementing some of the solutions soon; however, some of the solutions may take up to six months to complete.

In addition, the County has already begun work to fix sight-line problems at the intersection of Berganot and Monarch, and of Buffalo Trail and Monarch. Correcting these dangerous intersections requires moving utility boxes and cutting down a hill.

In another development, it was determined that the intersection of Castle Pines Parkway and Yorkshire Drive qualifies for a traffic light. Pending budget approval, one may be installed in late 2005

Thank you to the following CPN residents who are participating in the efforts to increase traffic safety in our neighborhood: Janet Conner, Committee Chair; Linda Nuzum, Doug Gilbert, Ted Lohr, Walt Wohlgemuth, and Metro District Manager Judy Dahl. From Douglas County, thanks to Larry Corcoran, Traffic Engineering Manager, and Cindy Colip, Traffic Engineer.

The Safety Committee works on a variety of issues such as traffic signals, speeding,, fire and rescue, the Reverse 911 program, and others.

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