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Crocs hit the water for the 2011 season

Junior Croc Coaches rallied together for some fun as the Crocs kicked
off their sixth season (pictured left to right): Maria, Chloe, Brooke,
and Nicole.

Article by Kathy Dunker with photos by Carin Kirkegaard

Gearing up for their sixth summer season, the Castle Crocs Swim Team held its annual kickoff party on Sunday, May 22 at Coyote Ridge Park. The Crocs are excited to welcome back returning swimmers as well as adding a few newbies to the mix, totaling about 200 swimmers.

Head coach Paul Whitaker is back for his third season with the Crocs. Due to some speedy swimming in the 2010 season, the team moved up from the C to the B Division this year in the Mountain High Swim League. Practices began on Tuesday, May 31 at the HOA2 and the CPN II pools. Practices are structured differently this year, with age grouping at the two pools to encourage friendship between peers.

The Crocs first meet will be on Saturday, June 4 at the HOA2 pool against Cook Creek. The season will wrap up on Saturday, July 23 with the All-Stars meet at Butterfield Park. To find out more about the Castle Crocs schedule, visit their website at

Coach Paul addresses the Croc families at a kickoff party on May 22 at Coyote Ridge Park (photo by Kathy Dunker).

Junior Coaches will be in the water helping the kids (pictured left to right): Ted, Jared, Courtney, and Cayley.



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