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Directional Well Project Gets Underway

Construction of one of the deepest and longest directional water wells in North America is underway in Castle Pines North.

Construction will begin with the drilling of a vertical segment of the well, located southeast of Hidden Pointe Blvd. and Monarch Blvd.

Drilling for the vertical well will be conducted 24-hours-a-day and is expected to be completed by February 20. “Every effort is being made to ensure that the noise level of the drilling process be kept at a minimum,” said Judy Dahl, District Manager for Castle Pines North Metro District (CPNMD).

Upon completion of the vertical segment of the well, the directional segment of the well construction will begin the week of February 22. The directional well will be located in the open space area north of Coyote Ridge Park. During the drilling process, the directional well will target and meet the vertical segment of the well, connecting to it at the bottom of the aquifer.

By utilizing this innovative technology, the Metro District hopes to reduce the cost of drilling additional vertical wells to meet supply needs for our community. “Without this project, the district would need to drill three additional vertical wells to keep up with demands of our peak season,” said Dahl. “We expect to save additional money with this project since it reduces the need to drill additional wells.”

The completion of the well will not benefit the community for the upcoming irrigation season. The District will need an additional three to five months to construct the infrastructure necessary to connect the well to the existing water distribution system.

A directional well can be recharged, which could help to extend the life of the aquifers. “This directional well provides us with the opportunity to learn how to recharge the aquifer in the future,” said Theresa Jehn-Dellaport, Water Resources and Environmental Consultant for CPNMD. “It helps creates a better understanding of how the aquifer will respond.”

“The process allows us to drill from two different locations and connect the directional well to the vertical well,” said Jehn-Dellaport. “We believe the vertical wells do not have the sustainability of a directional well. During the heavy usage months of the summer, vertical wells have difficulty keeping up with the demand for our area. We anticipate that the directional well will do a better job keeping up with our demands.”

The directional well design for CPNMD is part of a collaborative effort between Jehn Water Consultants, Inc., Sperry Sun and Beylik Drilling. These companies are industry leaders in directional water well drilling and have a proven track record of safety and efficiency
Tours of the drilling site are available to interested homeowners or you can review the progress of the drilling project at

Watch the Drilling Process
CPN homeowners and school groups are invited to visit the well sites. To schedule a tour of the directional well drilling project, please contact Judy Dahl at 303-688-8550, ext. 11. Progress of the well construction will be updated weekly and will be available at

Directional Well Drilling Schedule of Events

February 5

Drilling of vertical well begins, 24-hours-a-day, seven days-a-week, at the southeast corner of Hidden Point and Monarch Blvds.

February 20

Projected completion date of vertical well drilling.

February 22

Begin construction of directional well, located north of Coyote Ridge Park.

March 31

Projected completion date of drilling.



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