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Electing a new County Commissioner

Current Douglas County Board of County Commissioners Left to right: Jack Hilbert, Jill Repella, and Steve Boand

By Chris Bonham with photo provided by Douglas County

The 2012 elections are right around the corner, and there are – and will be – many politicians vying for the attention of voters as November draws closer. Presidents, senators, representatives, and a host of political hopefuls are making their rounds, trying to convince citizens as to why they would be the best choice for their office. Along with the many national offices that are up for grabs, a variety of local seats are going to need filling when Election Day rolls around.

Among the local offices that will be on the ballot for Douglas County voters at the end of this year is that of District 2 County Commissioner. Douglas County District 2 includes the Town of Castle Rock and encompasses much of the Castle Pines community.

Douglas County Commissioners serve staggered four-year terms and are in charge of acting as both a legislative and executive body for unincorporated areas of the county. They also enact policy decisions that affect multiple municipalities within the county.

The District 2 seat is currently filled by County Commissioner Steve Boand, who has served District 2 for eight years. In 2012, Douglas County’s two-term limit will come into effect, meaning that voters will have to choose from new candidates, rather than having the option of re-electing the incumbent candidate.

On March 10, delegates selected during the Republican caucuses will narrow the field for that party by choosing the candidate that will compete for the Commissioner’s office. The delegates have a field of three candidates to choose from. Democrats will select their candidate on March 6, and have yet to announce how many candidates are currently in the running for the County Commissioner’s office.

In a nation of three hundred million people, it is easy for American citizens to succumb to the belief that their voice is not heard. However, local elections such as these are a fantastic opportunity for residents of Douglas County to make their vote count.

Every vote is an investment in the future welfare of our beautiful county and community, so it is important to make that investment count this year.



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