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Enjoying the best of Colorado…

…and the world

Photo of Tom and Judy Pecsok traveling together.

Tom and Judy Pecsok enjoy traveling together. They are pictured here on a ferry in Shanghai, China.

By Nancy Koontz; photo courtesy of Judy Pecsok

Judy and Tom Pecsok, residents of The Village at Castle Pines since 1999, love their Colorado home, but equally enjoy their time traveling the world.

As a couple, the Pecsoks have traveled often, particularly enjoying ski trips to Austria and Switzerland – so much so that they decided to move to Colorado from their home in Los Angeles to live in the mountains. They bought their home in The Village sight unseen, committing from what they saw only in photos.

Initially splitting time between California and Colorado, in 2000 the Pecsoks purchased a second residence in Vail, making Colorado their permanent home. They enjoy the best of both locations, and they can ski now whenever they want.

The couple, celebrating their 33rd wedding anniversary this month, met serendipitously in Cleveland, Ohio. Judy was a banker at one of the two banks where Tom had applied for a commercial loan. Tom joked, “I went with Judy because she was better looking than the male banker from the other bank!” They went on their first dinner date after signing the loan commitment letter.

Judy relocated to California with Interstate Bank, and Tom went back and forth between Ohio and California. In 1987, Tom proposed to Judy over the phone. That same year, they got married on Catalina Island.

Today, the Pecsoks still love to travel. They have been all over Europe and also have visited China, Africa, Southeast Asia, Peru, Iceland and Alaska to name a few. Unfortunately, they had to cancel a trip to Croatia this year.

As a couple, their priorities are staying healthy and going for walks with their beloved Norfolk terrier, Murphy. The two approach life from different styles. Judy, being a former banker, promptly pays all their bills on time. While Tom, being more laid-back quips, he would only remember to stop at the mailbox about twice a month if it were up to him.

When the Pecsoks find themselves home from their travels, their favorite places to dine are Union American Bistro and Trestles Coastal Cuisine in Castle Rock. As early to bed and early to rise people, they have a family tradition of enjoying a cocktail at 4 p.m. every day. Tom said part of having wedded bliss at their home is for him to remember to turn all the lights off before they call it a night.

The Pecsoks, who try not to take life too seriously, have found joy and beauty in both Castle Pines and Vail, which they attribute to their wonderful neighbors and being able to live two great lifestyles so nearby.



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