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Have fun creating a meal at Uncorked Kitchen

Chef/Owner Eric Robbins carefully instructed his students to prepare and cook a squash stuffed with pancetta, apples and walnuts.

Article and photos by Adriana Hakes

Why is it that no matter what type of gathering is happening at someone’s house, people always seem to be drawn to socializing in the kitchen?  Perhaps it’s because the cooking space naturally emits an inviting feeling that encourages the act of gregarious interaction amidst the aroma of cooking food as glasses are topped with wine.

Taking a spin on that concept is the mantra of a new Centennial business, Uncorked Kitchen, started by owners Chef Eric and Katie Robbins.  “With Uncorked, we are creating a space where people learn to cook side-by-side through personal experience and collaboration.  The energy the teamwork will breed … it’s exciting,” shared Eric.

Basically, it works like this:  After signing up, participants can expect to be ushered into one of the facility’s state-of-the-art kitchens to enjoy sharing in the chef-directed experience that allows them to prepare and enjoy a delicious meal.  It is like getting invited to a friend’s house (who just happens to be a chef) and getting to participate in all the behind the scenes secrets of making the meal, while feeling the satisfaction of knowing that you had a hand in preparing it.

“The experience here is one part cooking plus one part dining, equaling one hundred percent fun.  Our programs are social with interactive teamwork, and you will walk away with all the skills to make the recipe at home,” explained Eric.  The added bonus is that guests don’t have to worry about any of the setup or messy cleanup.

Adults have the choice to take their culinary adventure with friends or with new faces.  Kitchens can also be reserved for private parties and businesses looking to have team building fun.  Guests are then invited to hang around to have a drink at the full bar and sit on the scenic patio.

Visitors can admire the wall constructed of wine bottles while they sip on a glass of wine, pint of beer or mixed drink at the full bar.

But the options don’t stop there.  Uncorked Kitchen has several programs geared toward kids ages six and older.   Through parties, cooking camps, and after-school classes, youngsters have the chance to work with patient instructors who teach them to safely use kitchen tools, eat healthy, and use their trusty math and science skills.

“Rather than being a traditional cooking school, Uncorked Kitchen is trying to bridge the gap and make it more of a cooking experience – you are still very much a part of creating your meal, but it’s not about coming in to learn specific techniques,” stated Katiec.  “More so, it’s about inviting all skill levels to share this great experience with other people.”

Uncorked Kitchen opened for business in October and is located at 8171 South Chester Street in Centennial (next to Ethan Allen).

For additional information or to make reservations, visit

Owners Eric and Katie Robbins take pause on the picturesque outdoor dining patio at the soft opening of Uncorked Kitchen.



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