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Jags Go Pink: RCHS raises money for breast cancer research

group of ladies at workout studio holding sign

Closing the Jags Go Pink event with style, Claire Weiffenbach, Britt Musser and Amelia Solano celebrate at CycleBar in Castle Pines on November 3.

Jags Go Pink (JGP), a new club at Rock Canyon High School (RCHS), hosted Pink Week to raise money for breast cancer research.  Led by two students, 16-year-old juniors Claire Weiffenbach and Amelia Solano, the two organized a series of impactful events in the true spirit of community service.

Inspired by the success of RCHS’s annual Wish Week, which creates opportunities for children with life-threatening illnesses, Weiffenbach and Solano followed a similar plan.

“Throughout the summer, we connected with our friends to plan the events to both raise funds and increase awareness,” said Weiffenbach.   “We wanted to help with breast cancer because we know it affects a lot of people.  Our ultimate goal in undertaking this new commitment was not just to secure a leadership position within the school but to foster community unity for a noble cause.”

Recognizing the significance of their mission, JGP sought support from Colleen Lamb, a breast cancer survivor and English teacher at RCHS.  Her role as both a teacher and a survivor added a personal touch to the club’s sponsorship, reinforcing the genuine commitment to making a difference.

Despite facing challenges, like coordinating plans during fall break and navigating the school approval process, JGP showcased adaptability and proactive skills.  Scheduling online communication and conducting efficient meetings, JGP ensured that members stayed connected, ultimately contributing to the seamless execution of Pink Week events.

Pink Week began with a shoe-polishing car windows event at the RCHS parking lot.   The following day featured a bake sale with all proceeds going to the Colorado Breast Cancer Foundation.

Midweek, students gathered at the HOA2 clubhouse for a blanket-making movie night.  Participants crafted tie-blankets, bracelets, and heartfelt letters, all destined for a local breast cancer support group.

A ride at CycleBar Castle Pines finalized Pink Week.  Every rider at the JGP-designated class had the option to donate $20 to JGP.  With RCHS alumna and cycle instructor Britt Musser’s help, CycleBar offered a unique workout.

“Each detail, from personalized lockers to a Jags Go Pink playlist, crafted by Britt and her team, made our workout an unforgettable experience,” said Solano.

In the forward-looking vision of JGP, the club aspires for sustained impact and enduring recognition within the school community.  With the aim of establishing Pink Week as a cherished tradition, the club plans to involve younger students in the planning process, ensuring the continuity of its legacy and a lasting commitment to breast cancer awareness.


three ladies standing in workout studio

United in pink: CycleBar riders stand strong wrapping up a memorable event capturing the spirit of togetherness in our community.


Article and photos by Dani Salas



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