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James and Nancie Lewis: Better together

By Lisa Nicklanovich; photo courtesy of Nick Lucey

Photo of James and Nancie Lewis the owners of Crush Wine Bar in Castle Rock

James and Nancie Lewis at their wine bar, Crush, in Castle Rock. Being a community gathering place and supporting local businesses and nonprofits is very important to the couple. In addition to hosting networking events and classes, Crush Wine Bar has hosted fundraising events for Facing Homelessness Denver, the Dumb Friends League Buddy Center, and the Australian wildfires to name a few.

Both James and Nancie Lewis are Colorado natives and have called the local community home for 13 years. They have family close by too. In fact, Nancie’s parents still live in her childhood home which they bought in 1966. Nancie said Castle Rock reminds her of Littleton, where she grew up “with a small-town feel but with all the fun amenities.”

James has been in the wine business for 25 years, working for many different wineries in the United States as well as France, Australia, New Zealand and Italy. In addition to a business degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder and a professional certificate from the University of Adelaide in Australia, James is a certified sommelier.

Nancie has always loved to cook and entertain but after graduating from Colorado State University, she wasn’t sure how her interest would translate into a career until she opened her own catering company. Nancie explained, “I loved the hustle and bustle of the commercial kitchen I used in Denver and found the noise very soothing for me. The more intricate the recipe, the more soothing it was.”

Just a few years ago, James was traveling three weeks out of every month. Now, James and Nancie own Crush Wine Bar in Castle Rock. Nancie is the creative mind behind most of the recipes, with help she said, from their “amazing kitchen staff.” James said, “My years traveling the world in the wine business were great and I met so many wonderful people, but the big drawback was not getting to spend as much time with Nancie as I wanted to. Crush has provided an opportunity to dial back the travel and spend time with her every single day. It’s perfect!”

The talents of James and Nancie have come together in a creative endeavor which is truly better for both of them and for the community. While James is the wine expert, Nancie is the creative cook who loves experimenting with spices.

In addition to their passion for wine and food, James and Nancie have many other interests. The duo enjoys going to the mountains, movies, theatre, and live music venues. James is an avid fly fisherman and hunter. Nancie has helped transport rescue dogs through a Corgi transport and placement agency.

Nancie is often trying new recipes at home, but the couple likes to go out to dinner when they can. They also take their three dogs, Shayla, Angus and Imogene out for neighborhood strolls. The couple will celebrate their 18th anniversary in June. Nancie said, “We actually enjoy spending time together; so, what I love best is that I get to see James every day. He’s the most interesting person that I know. We have very different strengths and they mesh and complement each other.”



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