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Journey to optimal health

By Lisa Nicklanovich; photo courtesy of Nancy Knudson

Photo of Resident Nancy Knudson with her husband, Jason.

Resident Nancy Knudson with her husband, Jason. The couple has three grown daughters and three grandchildren.

Resident Nancy Knudson has gone through a health journey that began with chronic illnesses and depression. Through much research, learning and experimenting, Knudson is now healthy and on a mission to educate and help others with the message that being healthy can be affordable and attainable.

Knudson was born the 12th of 16 children on a farm in South Dakota, eight boys and eight girls. Knudson described her siblings’ strengths growing up and how everyone chipped in from cooking to sewing to laundry. The family had gardens so they always had fresh vegetables. “We would eat the strawberries and snap peas right from the garden,” Knudson said.

Sadly, both of Knudson’s parents died quite young. Knudson’s dad was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis around the time she was born and later died of cancer in his 60s. Knudson was 10 years old when her mom, who was only 47 years old, passed away of a heart attack. “It’s pretty unfathomable,” Knudson stated.

Knudson met her husband, Jason, in college and after moving to Colorado, they had three daughters. Knudson shared that she struggled with chronic illnesses and depression for years. She saw the pattern begin to repeat itself with her daughters who were often sick, so she tried everything she could think of. A turning point came with acupressure, acupuncture and learning about food sensitivities. The family completely changed what they ate and immediately felt better. Not 100% better but 80% better Knudson said, which was remarkable.

The evolution to feeling better continued as Knudson learned to heal her gut, which in turn, helped with many of the food sensitivities. It was a process that took several years as she learned about essential oil blending, gut and immune health, stress reduction, and more.

Knudson studied with The Essential Oil Institute, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and The Institute for Functional Medicine. She also learned the ancient healing art of acupressure. That was 13 years ago, and today Knudson is helping others on their own health journeys.

“Having lost my parents when they were so young gave me the passion to help others see that they can have a better outcome for their health,” Knudson said.

Knudson and her husband moved to Castle Pines about a year ago after 30 years in Highlands Ranch. Knudson conducts cooking demonstrations out of her kitchen and she created 100, one-minute videos on YouTube showing that being healthy can be easy, affordable and fun.

“I never want to see someone lose a mom when they’re a kid,” Knudson concluded. “Having grandkids now, I want to feel well and enjoy life and not miss any of it.”



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