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Metro District Reports Open Space Abuse in Various Neighborhoods

by Lane Roberts

Castle Pines North (CPN) is home to more than 560 acres of open space. The Castle Pines North Metro District is responsible for maintaining 323 acres of open space, including the three community parks.

Many homes in CPN back to open space areas that are owned by the CPN Metro District. Recently, the Metro District has discovered many open space areas currently being abused by homeowners. Some of the illegal encroachments include:

Dumping of grass clippings, dirt, branches, and other yard debris into the open space.

Placing swing sets, play gyms, picnic tables, animal enclosures, buried dog fences and benches in the open space areas.

Letting dogs run off leash and leaving dog waste in the open space areas.

Unauthorized mowing in the open space areas.

Planting trees, shrubs, grass and wildflower seeds, sod, and other landscaping in the open space.

The Metro District Parks and Open Space Manager Charlie Fagan says the Metro District places a high value on this community open space. “We are in the process of controlling noxious weeds, planting and seeding appropriate plant species, and restoring open space to a more beautiful and healthy condition,” said Fagan. “Please leave these managment decisions and activies to our team of professional open space managers,” he urged.

Residents with homes backing to open space are encouraged to send any issues or concerns to Charlie Fagan at 303-688-8550 or e-mail Contact by email.



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