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Dear Mrs. A for April

dear mrs a

Dear Mrs. A,

Just wanted to reach out and ask that you kindly remind readers about trail etiquette as we move into the warmer days. – Looking Ahead in Lagae Ranch

Dear Reader,

I had a chuckle at your request. My hiking shoes have three-inch heels, needless to say, this is not Mrs. A’s forte. But I am encouraged by your thoughtful ask as it is important to know the rules of trail etiquette.

Here are the rules of right of way in ranking: horses, then hikers, then bikers. I have  never encountered a horse on a trail, but I recently heard a friend tell a story about how things can go terribly wrong when this etiquette is not observed. Horses can be skittish and unpredictable. Step off to the safest side of the trail and let them pass. It is especially important to rein your dogs in. If you can, defer on the downside of the trail. Horses aren’t fond of strangers above them or on a hillside (it reminds them they are prey animals).

Additional rules of the trail include:

Uphill hikers have the right of way.

Like cars: pass on the left, walk on the right.

No loud music; AirPods or headphones are a must.

No yelling (unless you are in peril).

Don’t cut across switchbacks.

Park and walk on durable surfaces. In other words, stay on the trail.

Plants are fragile and should be respected.

Do not disturb or feed wildlife.

Do not litter.

And lastly, BE NICE! It makes for a more enjoyable experience when we are all being good to each other.

Big Love and Happy Trails,
Mrs. Abramovitz




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