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Moonlight Snowshoeing

Beauty beyond words

By Michelle Post; courtesy photo

It was after 10 p.m., but the sky beamed from the soft light of the moon. My husband and I were staying in one of the 10th Mountain Division huts near Vail. We had been day hiking in and out of the hut that day, and my husband asked if I would like to try moonlight snowshoeing. “You bet!” I said.

As we hiked into the open field under the light of the moon, I was overwhelmed by the majesty of what I was experiencing. The trees stood tall, protecting us from the wind as we began my first moonlight snowshoeing adventure. I could not believe how much I could see by the full moon’s light. It was amazing!

The moon arose, she shone upon the lake, which lay one smooth expanse of silver light. She shone upon the hills and rocks and cast upon their hollows and their hidden glens a blacker depth of shade.
– Robert Southey

I stopped to take it all in. The field glistened as the rays of the moon bounced off the snow. The trees also shimmered from the snow perched on their branches. Nothing was moving, and there was no sound – just an incredible sense of wonder. As I snowshoed again, the stillness of the night was broken with each step as I crunched through the frozen crust of the snow. Swirling in circles, I was making snow angels and laughing with joy, all while drenched in the light of the moon.

I could have stayed out longer, but my husband was feeling the bitter cold; I was not. For my senses were filled with the magic of the moonlight. If you have never tried moonlight snowshoeing, I highly recommend it. With any outdoor activity, plan to dress appropriately, always carry your essentials, and let others know where you will be.

Colorado is not lacking for a plethora of places to try moonlight snowshoeing. I recommend doing an internet search for, “moonlight snowshoeing in Colorado” or you can visit to start your new adventure.



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