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Neighbors with disabilities find a new home

Wellspring Community receives a ceremonious key to commemorate the partnership with Douglas County to convert a former Castle Rock hotel into a housing solution for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Douglas County will soon have new resources for independent living, thanks to a partnership with Wellspring Community and funding from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).

In October, the Board of Douglas County Commissioners approved a $6.4 million contract to purchase property in Castle Rock for a housing solution in Douglas County for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) in partnership with Wellspring Community.

The new property – at 884 Park Street in Castle Rock – is directly adjacent to Wellspring’s main facility. The plan is for Wellspring to convert that existing structure into 42 apartment units, where adults with I/DD can live independently with onsite staff providing oversight and support 24/7. This new facility and related programs will also allow Wellspring to leverage other funding. The goal is for Wellspring to partially reimburse the County.

“Wellspring is thrilled to partner with the County Commissioners on this project,” said Nicole DeVries, executive director at Wellspring. “Of the families we serve through Wellspring, 70% have no viable housing option for their loved one with I/DD if they are no longer able to provide direct care, and 85% of them are relying on state funding to pay for this care. Through this venture, adults with I/DD can experience the dignity of a place to call their own, with support around them so they can thrive in a safe and secure environment.”

“The citizens of Douglas County have made it clear that supporting persons with I/DD is a high priority,” said Douglas County Commissioner and Board Chair Abe Laydon on behalf of the full Board. “Ensuring that there is a greater physical presence in this County that delivers effective services will help accomplish this goal,” he said.

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