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Nicole Moses, The UPS Store

Balance and connections

By Susan Helton; photos courtesy of Nicole Moses


Picture of owner and her father

Nicole credits her father, Ron Moses, with helping her toward her success. “I think working with your father gives you something – where not only does he have the belief in you, you get to see another side of who this amazing man is.”

Nicole Moses, owner of The UPS Store in Castle Pines, had originally planned to be a teacher. But during student teaching, she realized that it was not the right fit for her. She had already worked several years in her brother’s UPS Store downtown and her father suggested she open her own.

“There was a scared factor to it,” Nicole said of opening her own business. But Nicole’s family is one of entrepreneurs – her brother with his UPS Store and her sister with an Anytime Fitness gym in Arizona. And her father’s encouragement and inspiration helped. “He built a family that allows us to just go out and try. He’s the best mentor and really had this belief in me that I could do it. And the greatest gift he gave me was… I get to work with my dad! Everything I can think of how I got to where I am now, seven years later, is by his guidance.”

Nicole enjoys strong connections through her business – with other business owners, the community and her staff – something she had not expected going into it. Of her staff, Nicole said, “These are my family. They take care of me and I take care of them.”

Picture of Nicole in excercise class

Teaching barre, “I get to be myself in ways I never saw,” Nicole said. “Going from shy and feeling guilty about what life brought me, to being in front of the class and making it fun and lively.” Nicole at far right.

For enjoyment, Nicole likes to try different foods. “I’m kind of a foodie,” she said. She also enjoys spending time outdoors. “Anything that brings me solitude, relaxation and balance,” she said. Nicole’s favorite place to unwind is Clement Park in Littleton, with its peaceful lake and a lot of memories. She trained for her first marathon there and wrote her papers there as an English major. She likes to sit on the grass in the silence and allow her mind to wander, and write.

Writing is a passion of Nicole’s. She incorporates that passion into emails to customers in which she highlights her personal side and shares her journey and struggles, along with plans for the store, thoughts she has and what she is looking toward. “It allows me to connect in the way I want to connect to people and showcase who I am,” Nicole said.

Nicole’s favorite hobby is barre. She first became interested in it – at a friend’s suggestion – when she needed to regain her sense of identity and get back out in the world after she escaped an abusive relationship. “I took my first class and I was hooked. It brought me back to my ballet years, when I grew up,” Nicole said. She became certified to teach barre and generally teaches two days a week. “Everyone who walks out of my class I want to feel better about who they are. We all want connections,” said Nicole. “You have a community here – that’s what I had when I needed it.”




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