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No Soliciting! Solicitors Must Carry Permits

Unwanted visitors cause much frustration among homeowners. However, there are a few things we can do to protect ourselves from the doorbell’s intrusion.

Technically, “No Soliciting” signs are not allowed on any County roads, which is why there is not a sign at the entrance to CPN. Some neighborhoods have added “No Soliciting” signs to their neighborhood entry monument; however most report that these signs have had little impact on reducing solicitor traffic in their neighborhoods.

As a homeowner, you ARE allowed to put a “No Soliciting” sign on your private property. Neighbors who have done this report a reduction in the amount of salespeople at the door. (After all, who wants to go where they’re not wanted?)

Every commercial solicitor is REQUIRED to carry a valid permit issued by the County (this does not apply to school kids or non-profits.) If you ask to see a permit, and a salesperson does not have one, tell him or her that you will call the Sheriff’s office–and then do it! Once word gets out that Castle Pines North does not welcome door-to-door salespeople, their numbers should decrease.

To report a solicitor who doesn’t have a permit, or for questions about the rules, call the Douglas County Sheriff’s office at (303) 660-7505.



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