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Preparing for Evacuation

Dear Castle Pines North Neighbor:

By now we are all settled back into our homes after the Evacuation from the Cherokee Ranch fire on October 29th. We all realize how blessed we are have our homes (and our lives) spared from such tragedy. “Thank you” seems too simple to express our gratitude to the firefighters, police, stores, and neighbors who worked together to help each other.

However, I write for different reason. For the first five to ten minutes upon arriving home that day, reason, logic and organization completely vanished. I ran around the house simply looking at everything, not sure where to start.

As a person who likes a plan, I decided to create a list to tuck in a safe place that I can refer to should the need, God forbid, ever rise again. I did this for insurance (with pictures), but mostly I did this for me. I listed all the items that I felt were important and then prioritized them. Hopefully I will never need to utilize this list, but if I do, my hope is that it will keep my mind focused and therefore, save valuable time.

Here is a list that I’ve started. It is simplified for the purpose of this article, but get as specific as possible in your list.

1) Children and Animals (and if time, a favorite item such as a stuffed animal for comfort).

2) Address Book

3)Insurance Papers, Bank Records, Birth Certificates, Passports, School Records (note each item specifically and where they are located).

4) Take pictures and/or a video of household belongings if you have not done so already

5) Family photos

6) Jewelry

7) Computer CPUs and/or laptop

8) Family Heirlooms (e.g., my Grandmother’s hats).

9) Change of clothes for family (sorry so low on the list, Mom!)

I have placed this list in the house where everyone can find it. Hopefully we will never have to refer to it, but I feel comforted knowing that it is there!
Have a safe and happy holiday season! Please feel free to email me at: if you’d like me to update the list!

Warm Regards,


Stonecroft Delegate and Homeowner
Prudential Preferred Real Estate
Realtor, ABR, GRI



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