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Questions about Emergency Warnings?

With a wildfire west of CPN last fall, and an unusual rash of severe weather this summer, the CPN Master Association’s Safety Committee has been busy pursuing a variety of questions about the County’s emergency warning systems.

During last fall’s wildfire evacuation, some of CPN’s neighborhoods did not receive an emergency notification call from the County. More recently, residents have learned that Douglas County does not utilize sirens for severe weather or civil defense warnings.

Emergency officials recommend that all residents have a personal emergency warning radio – they advise that we should view these just as we do smoke alarms – no home should be without one.

“I think it’s a great idea for everyone to have their own emergency radio. But we’re also going to keep working on getting answers about the public warning systems in the county,” said Master Association Safety Committee Chair Janet Conner. “We’re talking with the County, the Sheriff’s Office, and the Fire District. We now know what happened with the emergency notification calls last fall, and we’re continuing to pursue other questions.”

If you have questions about the Master Association’s Safety Committee, or would like to help work on these issues, contact committee chair Janet Conner at, or call 303-482-3078.

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