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Rainfall Trackers Wanted

You’ve all noticed times when the TV News reported scant precipitation but we seemed to be getting soaked here in CPN — or vice versa.

That’s because the meteorologists’ rain gauge is located at Denver International Airport. And we all know how varied the precipitation levels can be throughout our region. The good news is that rainfall totals in our neighborhood are, in fact, being measured and recorded, as part of a statewide project sponsored by Colorado State University. And they could use more trackers!

The two sites that are currently set up in CPN are both in the southeast portion. One is being operated by Galen Crowder, and the other by Tim Gamble and his son, Jeremy.

More weather trackers would be welcome, particularly in Daniel’s Gate and other neighborhoods to the west and north. The more, the better, because some of our storms have been extremely localized. Rain in the front yard while it’s sunny out back is not uncommon in CPN!

The Castle Pines North website posts moisture totals for recent days as well as monthly totals for the year. Visit, then click on “Moisture Stats” on the site’s home page.

If you would like to look at rainfall information for all areas of the state, for current and previous years, visit

To look up CPN’s history, click on “Reports” at the top and then click on “Station Summary Snow Renter Station #’s DG 25” for Galen’s site, and “DG 65” for Tim and Jeremy’s.

After checking it out, you may be interested in setting up your own observation station. Contact Tim at to find out more about how to get started!



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