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Reduced state park pass available with vehicle registration

At a time when inflation is high and so seems everything else, nothing sounds better than getting out and into Colorado’s spectacular state parks.

Just pick one. They are all fabulous. From the eastern plains parks at 3,800 feet to high-mountain parks at 9,500 feet, there is truly a state park for any age and ability.

Starting January 1, residents can purchase a “Keep Colorado Wild” (KCW) pass for $29 while getting their annual vehicle registration at the DMV.

The new price cuts the old park pass by $50.

Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW) is offering the KCW pass to Colorado residents only. The $29 dollar fee will be included with the vehicle registration price, and a CPW logo will be printed on the vehicle registration card granting access to state parks. There is an option to decline the pass.

Transferring the pass between vehicles is prohibited. If more than one pass is desired, pay the fee for each vehicle, as the pass is tied to the license plate and registration card of each car.

The KCW pass allows access to all 42 state parks. The money collected is earmarked to protect wildlife, land and water in the parks. The pass will also support search and rescue programs, fund trail improvements, local community projects and help make the outdoors safe and available for all.
According to the CPW website, the goal is to raise $36 million each year with the objective to improve all of the parks.

There are a number of other passes available if you “pass” on this one. Visit for additional information.

Lastly, another benefit for parks beginning in 2023: charging stations will be available for electric and hybrid cars.

By Karen Leigh; photo courtesy of Colorado Parks & Wildlife



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