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Saying goodbye to someone who was so loved

Dalton John Lambrecht

By Amy Shanahan; photos courtesy of the Lambrecht family and friends

Dalton John Lambrecht loved the color purple, air soft, riding four-wheelers, hunting, and a large variety of music. He loved his family and friends, good hugs, and making others feel welcome, loved and important. Dalton embodied all of these things, and so much more. Sadly, on December 29, 2013, Dalton passed away in an unforeseeable accident while four-wheeling, one of the things he loved so much.

Dalton was born on April 25, 1998, the only son of Roni and John Lambrecht. Dalton grew up in this area and was a sophomore at Rock Canyon High School (RCHS). He was loved by so many people, but most of all by his mom and dad, who shared the most special of bonds with him.

Dalton’s parents played a very active role in their son’s life and cherished the time spent four-wheeling as a family. Dalton began riding while harnessed to his parents when he was just seven weeks old. Despite being a fairly dangerous sport, it seems Dalton was born to ride, and it came very naturally to him. Roni wrote, “From the beginning, Dalton knew what it meant to find peace in riding.”

Dalton’s memorial service took place in January and was attended by hundreds of people. A primary theme of the service was Dalton’s gift of “paying it forward.” Years ago, the Lambrecht’s watched this movie together as a family and were deeply inspired by the idea of making a difference in the world by each person doing something kind for three people without expecting anything in return. Roni and John ingrained this idea into Dalton through their words and actions on a daily basis, and Dalton in turn made a difference in the lives of so many whom he touched through his kindness, attitude and beautiful smile.

Heather Scott was Dalton’s babysitter from the time he was five years old, but her role of babysitter became more that of a friend and she clearly recalled when the change occurred. “I was driving Dalton and his friend Sam home. Dalton introduced me to Sam: ‘This is my big sister, Heather.’ I can’t begin to describe the pride I had that someone as amazing as Dalton would call me his big sister. He never asked to call me that, and we never really had a conversation about not calling me his babysitter anymore. On his own he had decided I was his big sister, and I could never be more proud to be that to him.”

Dominic and Alexis Wilderman are a brother and sister who grew up across the street from Dalton. The two considered Dalton their brother more than their friend. Dominic remarked, “Our friendship was always comfortable, we could say anything. I will miss having someone in my life who was a brother.” Alexis echoed similar thoughts, “We could go from extremely serious to stupid in seconds! He was such a good person to talk to.”

Dalton will be missed by countless family members, friends, teachers, and so many others who were fortunate enough to be touched by him during his short time on earth. Good friend Noah Fullerton admitted that he will miss all the laughs and listening to music. Fullerton and many more of Dalton’s friends painted the rock in front of Rock Canyon High School in his honor.

Roni remarked, “I don’t want it to sound like Dalton was the perfect child, because we all have our flaws and bad days. But, I have to say, he was as close to perfect as they get, and I honestly don’t have any regrets. I feel like we raised an amazing young man, and it’s so cool that his friends and their parents think he was that awesome, too!”

One of Dalton’s best friends Sam Isner summed up the feelings of loss best when he said, “I met Dalton one day on the bus when there were no other seats and I honestly don’t remember how we became friends. I just know that I’m glad we did.”

Dalton, Roni and John Lambrecht taking a “family selfie” in
California during their four-wheeling vacation trip.

Friends Noah Fullerton (left) and Kendyll Boback (right) stand next to the
rock in back of RCHS, which was painted with Dalton’s nickname “DJ.”

Dalton Lambrecht had a passion for four-wheeling and a passion for life. His
final ride was here in December 2013 at Glamis Dunes in California.



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