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Speaking of license plates…

4 license plates in colors

The four historical license plates available for purchase: $25 from each sale goes to the Colorado Disability Funding Committee.

The DMV is bringing back history and for a good cause.  Authorized in the legislature last year, Coloradans can choose from four historical license plates.

The black plate, sometimes referred to as the “blackout,” hearkens back to 1945.  The blue plate replicates Colorado’s 1914 visitor license plate and the red represents the 1915 license plate.  And of course, “greenie” replicates the Colorado license plate used for the most years, 1962-1999.  (Greenie is a moniker used to refer to Coloradans from out-of-staters.)

The plates are available at county departments of motor vehicles or online with $25 from each sale going to the Colorado Disability Funding Committee.  There are no additional fees unless a vanity plate is purchased.

Many other states (California, Iowa, Minnesota, New York, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin) are also participating in this historical trend.

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