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The city’s host with the most

Award-winning party planner extraordinaire Tammy Abramovitz has again been recognized for her unparalleled grace, thought, and creativity in entertaining. From elaborate themes to the perfect place settings and exquisite food pairings, Abramovitz plans parties with a purpose. She is pictured above with her husband, Mike, at the Warren Village Taking Flight Fall Gala in 2018.

By Carin Kirkegaard; photos courtesy of Tammy Abramovitz

Nearly one year ago, Castle Pines resident Tammy Abramovitz was named one of the top 100 most extraordinary party hosts in the country by the online magazine, The Salonniere. Abramovitz was listed alongside other notables like Reese Witherspoon and Oprah Winfrey. This honor was no surprise for the residents of the Castle Pines community, as neighbors have known for years that Abramovitz is indeed the host with the most.

Looking for the nation’s trendsetters in the party industry, The Salonniere contacted society page editor emeritus for The Denver Post, Joanne Davidson. Davidson had covered Abramovitz and the All-Star Breakfast fundraiser for Warren Village. Since that time, she has been a guest at many of Abramovitz’s personal parties, so she knew just the person to represent Colorado in the magazine.

“I was so impressed with the parties she threw; each of them so cleverly themed and carried out,” said Davidson. “Her hair, her glasses, her personality… everything about her is captivating. But as large as her persona is, her heart is even larger. She is a genuine friend who would give you the shirt off her back… before you even knew you needed it,” continued Davidson.

Growing-up in Texas, Abramovitz often wore a necklace that said, “This girl needs a party.” She shared, “My grandmother told me, ‘that’s a great saying, but you can’t live your life like that’.” On that note, Abramovitz did exactly what she was told she couldn’t. From small, intimate dinner parties around a fire to large events with 300 or more attendees, Abramovitz created a life of parties.

“Tammy understands how simple, tiny, deeply wonderful and often comical touches make ripples of joy in all our hearts. No matter how old and jaded, delight can still be prodded, jostled and nudged awake. She is a style wrangler and a people curator who is rich in friends,” said Cindy Ollig, friend to Abramovitz and owner of The Perfect Petal in Denver.

Parties with a purpose are Abramovitz’s passion. The reason for the party could be as simple as enjoying fellowship with friends on a summer evening, sipping cocktails or rocking on her back-porch swing. It could also be more involved, where the goal is to raise funds for organizations near and dear to her heart.

A long-time steward for Warren Village, a housing assistance program in Denver for low-income single parents, Abramovitz has been throwing parties that benefit the organization for more than 10 years. In 2018, Abramovitz co-chaired the Warren Village gala and raised more than $300,000 – the most funds ever raised in the organization’s history.

Tammy Abramovitz in her Castle Pines home where she hosts many large and small gatherings.

More recently she and Adrian Miller, James Beard award-winning cookbook author and philanthropist for his book The President’s Kitchen Cabinet, hosted a sit-down barbecue dinner for 25 in Abramovitz’s home. At $200 a plate, Miller and Abramovitz raised $5,000. All proceeds went directly to Warren Village.

How does one successfully create a life of parties? “One common trait is the exceptional ability to leverage the power of parties to enhance the lives of others,” said Abramovitz.

Often working with a staff comprised only of herself, Abramovitz uses her skill of cleverness, from creating the invitations to curating the guest list.

When planning parties, Abramovitz operates under one rule. “You have to have the energy to match the enthusiasm,” she said.



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