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The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Answers Questions About Go-Peds

Many pre-driving teens in Castle Pines North have be seen traveling around on go-peds, which are those motorized scooters that seem to be the craze with many kids. The sheriff’s office has received many questions about whether these scooters can be legally operated on public streets. The short answer is no.

Go-peds are considered “toy vehicles,” and as such, their operation on public roadways (including CPN roads, paths, and open space) is prohibited under section 42-4-109(9) of the Colorado Revised Statutes. Some people contend that go-peds technically fit the definition of “motorized bicycles” as defined in section 42-1-102(59)(b) C.R.S., but there are other sections of the traffic code, such as 42-4-109(2) and 42-4-220, which make it clear that go-peds are not the same as street-legal mopeds. Some of the equipment required by those sections in order for a moped to be street-legal is that it must include a permanently attached seat, headlight and taillight, and a bell or horn. Ironically, even if go-peds were considered legally the same as mopeds, a person would still be required to be a licensed driver (at least 16 years of age) in order to lawfully operate a motorized bicycle on a public roadway. Obviously, in most cases, go-ped operators are under 16 years of age.

So where can go-peds be legally operated? They can be operated on any private property where the owner’s permission has been granted. This could include a long driveway, or any other parcel of private property, as long as the property owner’s permission has been obtained.

If you have any questions about go-peds or need any clarification, please contact the community relation officers, Deputy Cocha Heyden or Deputy Matt Reichardt at 303-660-7544. To report violations, please contact the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department at 303-660-7500.

All unregistered, or “toy” vehicles, are prohibited from all public roadways and sidewalks. Motorized scooters, “Go-Peds” and ATVs are allowed only on private property with the permission of the owners.

Xcel has filed a “no trespass” letter with the Sheriff’s Office

Xcel has filed a “no trespass” letter with the Sheriff’s Office in which the company specifies no motorized vehicles on the land under the power lines. (Foot traffic is permitted.)

With such a letter on file, any resident can now call the Sheriff’s Office to report violators. (In cases where there is no letter on file, only the property owner can legitimately register a trespassing complaint.) Violators will be issued a trespassing ticket with the appropriate fine.

It is hoped that residents will not need to rely on the Sheriff’s Office for enforcement of the County Ordinances related to this issue, but instead will be able to enjoy their neighbors’ consideration and respect whenever any loud or motorized devices are used.



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