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The spirit of the holiday at work

From left to right, Micah and Sadie Jubenville and Kate and Jack Joswick. Kate and Jack Joswick’s mom, Bethany, arranged for her children to be a part of The Salvation Army collection process, and Micah and
Sadie donated part of their allowances.

Bethany Joswick wanted to teach her children, Kate and Jack, the importance of giving back over the holidays. She contacted The Salvation Army, and the organization sent aprons and bells to the King Soopers on Lagae Road for the Joswicks to participate. The children rang the bells and collected donations.

Ashley Jubenville and her children Micah and Sadie were shopping at the grocery store. She had one of those proud parent moments when her children asked to donate part of their allowances to the cause.

“Bethany found a great way for her kids to get involved in helping the community,” said Ashley. “It inspired me and my children to ring the bell during the season too – the spirit of the holiday was at work!”

By Hollen Wheeler; photo courtesy of Ashley Jubenville



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