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Think Twice Before Speeding

Want to pay double fines for speeding? If so, be sure to speed in a school or construction zone because fines are automatically doubled in those areas. The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office currently has four independent traffic teams, each consisting of one sergeant and three deputies, dealing with traffic related enforcement.

Many times the teams focus on residential and school zones, especially now that the new school year has begun.

Traffic-related issues are among the most numerous complaints the Sheriff’s office receives. Therefore, traffic teams and regular patrolmen/women have been making an extra effort to enforce traffic laws.

If a driver is stopped for speeding, a ticket can be written and a fine given. Fine rates are as follows, and are doubled in school and construction zones:

10-19 miles-per-hour over posted speed limit: $58.80 fine

20-24 miles-per-hour over posted speed limit: $116.60 fine

A person can be given a summons or even taken to jail if speeding more than 24 miles-per-hour over the posted speed limit.

It’s also important to remember to watch for pedestrians, children, bicyclists and wildlife crossing the streets, especially during dusk and dawn when it’s hardest to see them.



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