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Timber Trail students lean in to help

four kids stand outside holding paper

Third grade Timber Trail Elementary students showed their creative poster designs, encouraging the community to take part in project “Lean on Me” at the community tree lighting. All proceeds from the necklaces sold helped support three adopted families during the holiday season at the Crisis Center in Castle Rock.

Third-grade students at Timber Trail Elementary (TTE) made the holidays very special for three adopted families at the Crisis Center in Castle Rock.

The economics and civics project “Lean on Me” was a project-based learning experience that asked students the driving question: how they could help those in the community in need. Through TTE family donations, shoveling snow, yard work, walking dogs, pet clean ups and selling blinking ornament necklaces at the community tree lighting, the students surpassed their class goals, raising more than $5,500. The donations provided each family a holiday dinner, household necessities and filled a few holiday stockings with Christmas gifts.

The students learned and applied math equations in preparation for their gift shopping spree at Target and Walmart. Third grade teacher Kimberly Jester felt that the project was a positive learning experience for the kids, as well as a meaningful life experience.

Last year marked the 11th year that the students adopted families from the Crisis Center, raising more than $25,000 in total. As the students became engaged in helping their adopted families, they were left with the positive effects of giving.

By Julie Matuszewski; photo courtesy of Timber Trail Elementary 



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