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Traffic Changes Coming for Monarch & Parkway

By Thursday, August 19, CPN residents will notice changes at the intersection of Monarch and Castle Pines Parkway that are designed to give additional capacity for left turns from Monarch on to the Parkway.

For cars traveling southbound on Monarch, the existing left turn lane will be extended back about 300′. The right lane will be optional left turn or straight, or right turn. For traffic that is northbound on Monarch, the left turn lane will again be extended back about 300′ but there won’t be a double turn. The right lane will be either a straight through or right turn. There will also be signs that say “Turning Vehicles Must Yield to Pedestrians” at the intersection.

These changes are being made by the Douglas Counties Public Works Department, which is responsible for traffic engineering in CPN and all other unincorporated areas in Douglas County. Earlier this year, CPN’s Safety Committee had met with the County to review a variety of traffic problems in the CPN area. The County has now completed a traffic study for this intersection, which confirmed that changes were needed.

The CPN Master Association’s Safety Committee will continue to follow up with the County on traffic-related issues in our area. If you’d like to help with this effort, contact Committee Chair Janet Conner at, or call the CPN Master Association at (303) 482-3078.



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